2010Apr 12

New City Garden Feature, Photo Safari Theme in Bearville!

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As we all know, the Enchanted Update changed BABV forever one week ago! Our users are still discovering changes here and there that came with the update. The most recent discovery comes to us from AbbygailBearDiva11 who let us know that the theme in the Photo Safari mini-game has changed to include a castle, sword in the stone and more!

[img_assist|nid=995|title=|desc=|link=node|align=none|width=175|height=99]City Garden sign[img_assist|nid=996|title=|desc=|link=node|align=none|width=175|height=73]

Thanks to AshleyLuv2Dance166 who showed us a beary cool feature that was right under our noses — the City Garden. If you click the City Garden sign, you will see 1 of 4 different information panels about insects, trees and nutrition. We’re sure that the number of panels will expand in the future!

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