2011Mar 22

Chim Chim Cheree, Float Fashionably!

by Justin · 8 comments

Check out the unbelievable umbrella you can get from Bearville Outfitters!  Now you can float freely from rooftop to rooftop like Mary Poppins, and Laurenblue50, who let us know about this cool new item!  Like other rides, it costs 5 BVO credits.


Umbrella Ride


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  • http://yahoo.com diosi

    wow! your one of my friends on babv and i have that ride too! :)

  • http://gracie.co.uk grace

    hi is that your character if it is cool if you want to be my buddy you can simply click on the friends icon scroll down at the bottom is a tab saying organiser basicly once you have clicked it theres a typing bar saying character name type in shannonangel601 all in lowercase and press search my characters face will pop up under the bar and click on add which looks like this add+ and it will automaticly send me a bear message saying your character wantss to be my friend i will click yes seen as i am chloe rocks sister but she never mentions me at all in bearvile peace stay safe bye from u know who bfffl xxx

    • http://buildabearville abby

      your her sister do u think the rides are boring

  • Jordan and Ruby!

    That is so cute!

  • RockinGal

    Nice character! I have that ride how many rides do u have? I have about 9…Wanna be friends on Build-a-Bearville? I’ll have 2 delete someone then, cause I have 202 somehow!

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com Abbyalohabear

    I really want to get this ride! LOL It looks pretty cool =)

  • http://www.BabvMania.webs.com KaceyFluff22

    Hi! I have a BABV KaceyFluff22 i have a web 2! but i’m new;) ILoveThisSiteBTW!

  • maddiepurrfect10

    it looks so cool but not the ride for me. I prefur the scooter or the hover board stuff like that.

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