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2011 Camp Happy Heart Winners Announced!

by Justin · 32 comments

The 2011 Camp Happy Heart has come to a conclusion and the lucky winners have been announced.  Congratulations to Team Cookie Dough for pulling out the win this year!  Team Places are as follows:

1st Place = Team Cookie Dough

2nd Place = Team Strawberry Cheesecake

3rd Place = Team Candy

4th Place = Team Berries

The members of Team Cookie Dough all received the following prizes:

The waterslide is exceptionally cool because as you land in the pool at the bottom you disappear momentarily before resurfacing.  Thanks to member christmas for sharing these details!

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  • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/member.php?u=21157 Abbyalohabear

    I love the my waterslide! It’s so cool. :D
    Thanks for posting this. <3

    • georgia


    • elishaluvbug3

      i have been on it none stop

    • serriahtaurus


    • aimeadventurebear268


  • TateKnight

    Yay Team Cookie Dough! We won! The waterslide is awesome. :)

  • sonnyyourock104

    awww my team never wins 1st place that is not smurfy.

  • Neydis

    Yay! We won! Great job to all other teams! ^o^

  • NicoleApril913

    What did team strawberry cheesecake get? I can’t log on..

  • Arianabear16

    Yay for once my team finally won! Cookie dough rocks!! (too bad I can’t log in though.)

  • JoyceAutumn21

    My team came 3rd. ATLEAST, the icecream is not limited.. we can eat it FOREVER!!

  • AmyWinter21

    4th place again. xP

    all well, there’s always next year. xD

  • http://Bearville Big-Brother

    I was on team cookie dough!!!
    I Just love the waterslide.
    I hope everyone had a blast!
    P.S. Join again next year! i love cookie dough!

  • Fiona

    YIPEEE!!! WE TEAM COOKIE DOUGH has got the guts to work our hardest and not we got what we deserve. To those strawberries team.. told you so, if you make fun or offend the other team (which you offended team cookie dough) see you won’t win.. hope ya’ll get that lesson. ANYWAYS THANKS FOR EVERYONE IN TEAM COOKIE DOUGH. We wouldn’t have won without your hard working abilities. and to teams: strawberry cheesecake, berries, and candy good job to you all! I know some of you get up everyday and do the list and complete it but you guys aren’t first. I think you guys deserve to be first but come on! EVERYONE IS A WINNER FOR SURE! winning, loosing it don’t really matter. As long as we had fun! :) GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE! THANK YOU ALL!! :)

    • NicoleApril913

      Umm.. that was rude the “To team strawberry” about making fun of people.

    • Very Sad

      Thats rude

    • http://buildabearville dajapawsomegal2

      i was on team strawberry cheesecake and i did not say anything mean i am not very competitive and i am not a sore loser netheir a sore winner ok! btw great job on winning you ALL deserve it

  • natasha grimble

    that looks so cool i wish i had one

  • Very Sad


    • aimeadventurebear268

      my sister gabbyawesome330 was on your team

  • http://stardoll-weekly.blogspot.com/ AJButterfly1483

    Yay, Team Cookie Dough! Last year I was on team Bubble Gum and we won and this year i’m on team Cooie Dough and we won! Can’t wait to try out the slide. :D

  • AbbigailCapricorn16

    I was on team Bubblegum, and I am now on team Berries. I was totally weird, because for the five days after camp finished I kept swapping between my Bubblegum and Berries t-shirts, to show I am still loyal to them both! My brother has an account, but no bears, so as he won a waterslide (because he was on team Strawberry Cheesecake) he was happy to trade it to me for some t-shirts and shorts! (I said he could have 850 bearbills worth of stuff from a catalog. So I bought him the stuff, traded him it and the remaining 50bb that he hadn’t spent, and he was happy to give me the slide! I am proud of my back yard and patio, because altogether they have a blue slide (bought when I was a vib), a waterslide, a climbing wall…. etc. etc. Please add me if you see me!


    • aimeadventurebear268

      i added you :)

  • abbigailcorn6

    i love team cookie dough. gooo us.

  • ashlynneallheart17

    i don’t think that it’s fair that team cookie dough won, because they had more people on their team than any other team!!!!

  • http://www.webkinz.com Cassssssidy

    I was on team berries but I had another account that was on team cookie dough so I got the prizes and traded them to my account!!! And there is no need to be rude because you lost! I mean, look at me! I am on the last team and I am not being rude!
    The reason that cookie dough won, is because they had the most points so don’t be rude!

  • cece

    go team cookie dough

  • SavannaCrystal26

    I am on Team Strawberry Cheesecake!

  • hannah

    i didnt win but my bff had another acount that won so she gave it to me

  • Kristen234

    No fair i’m on team cookie dough and I didn’t get any prize

  • maddiepurrfect10

    I was in Cookie Dough and the water slide realy works visit my cub condo to have a go!

  • EllianaAngel45

    Will you trade me that waterslide please?

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