2011May 23

Bugs in Tabby Cat Bear Drink Quest

by Justin · 18 comments

Thanks to AshtonCyBearGuide in our Bearville Forums, we can inform you that there’s currently a glitch in the new Tabby Cat Drink Quest. The Tabby Cat Quest starts in the Tiki Hut at Sunshine Shores Cave. You have to find 3 ingredients hidden around Bearville so the Tabby Cat Bear can mix you a Special Cool Cat Summer Drink.

Here’s what Ashton had to say:

Hello everyone,
Today, we caught a couple of glitches in the Tabby Cat Drink Quest.

  1. In Maxine’s Condo, the hint says, “Hot” even though the item is not really there.
  2. After fetching one of the quest items from a certain location, the indicator still shows, “Hot”. While this is not supposed to show as is, in the mean time, you may have to move to a different location to reset the indicator.

We are working on these bugs as I write this.

We’ll let you know once the glitches have been corrected!

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  • http://www.bearville.com TheKirbyandSonicfan65

    I already know that the cool cats and hot dogs build a bears. I don’t know why people love Siamese Kitty more than any animal like Dalmatian, Dachshund,Tabby Kitty,Golden Puppy and Border Coille? But thank you for reporting the glitch.

    • http://janinsfashionny the rock or rockey blue


  • Amy


  • pawsome64

    I was experiencing the same thing…now i know it wasn’t just my computer!

    • basketball


  • http://sdfcsfwasd m7paw2fssf8h9kp2.17162317389b


  • http://sdfcsfwasd m7paw2fssf8h9kp2

    fries r good

  • JacAries18

    That was random.

  • Megan

    yea it was that was my friend so random

    • JacAries18

      So so random.

  • jack

    today i went to the condo doing the mission AND AL THE ROOM WAS IS STAIRS! WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BrendanBear110

    I finshed

    -BrendanBear110 (BI Member Since 8/2/09)

  • http://buildabearville DonnieNovembear


  • http://bearvilleinsider.com StephanieIMsweet23

    Does anyone know where to find them? please help me :)

  • Zoey

    Thanx sooooo much for reporting the glitch!!

  • Karen


  • Rose :)

    Yes :) ;) :O

  • ILoveJB

    wow…really easy!

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