2011Dec 29

Build-a-Bear Workshop Issues Safety Recall for Colorful Hearts Teddy

by Justin · 15 comments

Recall notice

Thanks to tigerhappy26 from our Bearville forum for bringing our attention to a voluntary safety recall by Build-a-Bear Workshop.

You will find the notice in store, or on their website, by following this link for more information: Colorful Hearts Teddy Recall Notice

According to the recall notice, the Colorful Hearts Teddy, model number 017107, is being recalled due to the following reason:

Certain production runs of this bear utilized substandard fabric which can tear around the eye possibly resulting in the eye falling out of the bear causing a potential choking hazard.

If you purchased this bear between April 2011-December 2011, bring it in to any Build-a-Bear Workshop store and you will receive a coupon for a brand-new animal of your choice from Build-a-Bear Workshop.

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  • Haleighrowland

    okay. i won’t get it

    • cupcakes101

      lol i wont either(:

  • Rwandel28

    I think this is a way for getting build a bear workshop in trouble.
    And the reason the little kid ate that eyeball is because they were chewing on it and bitting like little kids do

  • Anonymous

    Well at least that you can get a coupon for a brand new bear:):)

  • Amgirls


  • Xxcharlixx

    why is it not leting me and my sis and bro on build a bearvill.

  • Jules0

    it did that 2 me on thursday just wait until it is evening

  • Jules0

    is true

  • Jules0

    you should be able to swap it 4 a new bear for money just for the same amount

  • cupcakes101

    woes did not see that coming lol

  • Mmartinez

    wow that is terrible good thing i didnt get that bear but it is so cute

    • lexipuppylover

      that is a good thing i didnt get it but your right that is a cute bear

  • Thianna

    I remember when i went to build a bear workshop last year and wanted that bear but thank god
    i didn’t get it because my mom is a baby sitter and the eyes could of fallin out and one of the
    babys could of swallowed it.So instead of getting that bear i got another one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003313021859 Ludmyla Diaz

    i hope no one got hurt. good thing they figured this out fast! o:

  • Bora_lee00

    omg itso cute!!!!!

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