2011Jul 14

Calling All Insiders! $10,000 Giveaway, We Need Your Help!!

by Justin · 17 comments

First off, no, that isn’t a typo, we’re actually talking about $10,000! Over the weekend, we were contacted by a marketing representative for a new website called Bublaa that launched a few weeks ago. Part of their launch campaign is a contest for $10,000! The marketing representative felt that our huge userbase could easily help the Insider family win the grand prize.

NOTE: Bublaa is a social-networking site and you are required to be at least 13 years old in order to join the site. If you’re younger than 13 and still want to help, please have an older sibling or your parents sign up and help out! All members of the Insider sites, regardless of age, will be eligible for prizes, however.

We’re currently at a disadvantage, as the contest started 3 weeks ago and ends TOMORROW, July 15th at 10am PDT (1 PM Eastern Time). Thankfully, the current leading group has around 900 members, so with all of our Insider sites combined, with nearly 200,000 members between them, I believe we can overtake them and win the contest! We were briefly in the lead, but were overtaken by quite a bit.

If we win, we will take all $10,000 of the prize and use it for prizes for all of our members. With this kind of huge prize budget, anything goes! Once we receive the winnings, we will ask all of you what prizes you’d like to see and how you want us to award them. You can reach for the sky, and suggest we buy anything under the sky, even non-Bearville-related items, like an Apple iPad 2, iPod Touch, or a Nintendo Wii!

This is only possible with your help, and we need each and every one of you! I’ve gone through the site and have provided full instructions on how to remove any publicly-viewable personal information from your profiles as soon as you join the site. Once you’ve followed those steps, join our “Bubble” and tell all of your friends to help out!

UPDATE (1:05pm ET):  The contest ended a few minutes ago, and it appears that the Insider Bubble has won!  We have the highest number of users and we are currently waiting for verification from Bublaa.  Thank you to everyone for all of your help!  We can’t wait to start selecting and awarding some very special prizes!
UPDATE (2:05pm ET):  Bublaa posted the following announcement, “Congratulations [on] the good race! We are going to be validating the result and will announce the winner during the next week.”

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  • isabellabubbles168

    are we in the lead??

  • http://buildabearville RACHEL

    Peace, Love, Hugs.

  • http://buildabearville Zoe


  • neydis

    Please stop spamming. :]

    • holly

      hi am new do you want to be friends Neydean.piease

  • IsabelYourock4

    Congrats everyone! We did great! with over 1,000 people to join! The numbers really add up, I joined it when we had 700 it was incredible to get so many people in so little days, once again congrats!

  • IsabelYourock4

    We did it! Ranked number 1 with over 1,000 people to join! Congratz everyone!

  • BriniGirl

    Great job guys!! (: We did it!

  • Kaitlyn

    I can’t wait to see what we get! (With the $10,000, of course.)

  • Gabby

    This is awesome! I cant believe BI won! Woot! Grats!! :)

  • Omarzoom55

    wow :0 we are the best! :)

  • sonnyyourock104

    is this for real do we get a prize or something.

  • neydis

    Omigosh, no way! In just like one day?! That’s awesome! :D D

  • NickiNightingale4

    Yah! Congrats guys we did it! (:
    It’s been a week so I am just wondering if they have verified it yet?

  • Shawna

    That is so awesome, but are you really going to give every BI member a prize that voted? Because I voted, but some people I know didin’t..

  • holly

    omg guys look at the games so cooooooooooooooooool.

  • http://buildabearville whitney

    r u sappost to get 10,000 bear bills because i dont think i got it i did sighn up for bublaa

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