2011Jun 20

Camp Happy Heart 2011 Pre-Registration and Quest Now Open!

by Justin · 15 comments

Pre-registration is now open for the 2011 Camp Happy Heart competition!  The actual Camp begins on July 1, 2011 so be sure to get your name in before then.  Several BI forum members have been actively organizing teams so if you are searching for a team, be sure to check out the Camp Happy Heart forum located in our Special Events section.

There is also a 2011 Camp Happy Heart quest.  If you click on the Blizzard Bear located outside of the floating cabin you will see the starting point.  Thanks to member mickeyquack for the info! 

Completing the quest will earn you five points for your team as well as a new blue slide (shown below)!

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  • Arianabear16

    It gave me the slide but it didn’t give me the points :( and for everyone still on the quest, the 5 water tokens are at these places: Bearville Outfitters 1st floor, Sunshine Shores, Sportsplex, the Skate Park, and Pawlette Coufur Boutique. Sorry no pictures!

  • Lilly

    The Sportsplex one is outside not inside I checked all of the inside rooms and then checked outside!

    • Arianabear16

      crud i forgot to say outside, sorry :(

      • Lilly

        That’s fine Arianbear16 by the way I am Lillybear2668. Want to be friends?

        • Arianabear16

          sure! :)

  • Chanti

    hey can u tell us where the things are for the camp bear quest?

    • Arianabear16

      I already said them.
      1. outside of sportsplex (on the street)
      2. bearville outfitters 1st floor (near the stairs)
      3. pawlette coufur boutique (on the counter)
      4. skatepark (on the floor)
      5. sunshine shores (on the dock to the beachfront homes)

  • Lilly

    This is the camp bear quest that we are talking about.

  • http://fairymuff.com LakeVanilla

    Does the five points thing work now?
    I really want to get points for mine. . .

    • Arianabear16

      I think it does and Hi vanilla! :D

  • Allison

    Thanks Arianabear16!

  • http://fjfjhcfv.co.uk coolieo

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jules0

    is it on this year. i have all the icecream bears they are gone now i am lucky

  • Jules0

    i am the coolest person in bearville. i have twelve rides.20 credits. 30 bears .loads of money clothes acessories furniture and everything.I AM LAURENGIRLS ROCK11

  • Sydnie

    where do you sign up in the floating cabin for camp happy heart?

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