2011Dec 15

Christmas Quest Available at the Train Station!

by Wendy · 17 comments

The Holiday quest is back this year.  To start, make sure to visit the elf located at the Train Station.  His reindeer dropped presents all over town and it’s your job to help him find them all.  If you successfully complete the quest you will receive a pawsome 100 Bear Bills!  Thanks to forum member savanahcute25 for letting us know about this.

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  • BaileyAngel2680

    1st present is at the Recycling center

  • BaileyAngel2680

    2nd present @ Skating rink in North Pole
    3rd present @ Waterfall train station

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1166225836 Becky Ousby

      I can’t find the 3rd one

      • Paypay99

        its at waterfall.

  • E4ikle4o

    i think 3 rd is on town square. Maybe :) ))

    • 12345

      it is he he he xx :D

    • Libbyiremonger

      no it’s not

  • BaileyAngel2680

    3rd is by the Bearstuff store by town square where trampoline is
    4th Mrs. Claus kitchen in north pole

  • BaileyAngel2680

    oops mean 4th and 5th gifts

  • Jenkee


    • lauren girls rock11

      SO DO I

  • Sharmin7

    i started the quest to late

  • BaileyAngel2680

    6th gift at Maxine’s house

  • BaileyAngel2680

    7th gift on top of coffee shop

  • BriannePaws11

    I can’t find 3..

  • Ashleybear

    For the 7th present you click on that picture in the coffee shop to get it. Will it say Top Secret Coffee Shop? I don’t see the present.

  • CatherineAutumn43

    where is the 5th ??

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