2011Jun 13

Complete June 2011 Fountain Prize List!

by Justin · 8 comments

Thank you to forum member christmas for compiling a list of all fountain prizes available in Bearville this month, June 2011.  Unfortunately most of them are repeats from previous months, but at least you might be able to grab a few items you may have missed in the past.

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  • Emily


  • http://bearville nat

    cool but how do we get the stuff

    • Arianabear16

      you have to play the fountain game in the town square… or you can play the gone fishing game in the paw park

      • http://buildabearville lily

        hi buildabearville is my fav website lol

  • http://bearville nat

    by the way if we cant get it why do you post it

  • http://bearville nat

    trying to make us jelous

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com StephanieIMsweet23

    i thought the mustache was rare O.0

  • BiancaCapricorn5

    I have everything but the flowers :{

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