2011Sep 26

Find Maxine this Month for a Cute Handbag!

by Wendy · 26 comments

There’s still a few days left in September, so if you haven’t already done so you’ll want to try to find Maxine in Bearville.  She is giving out a super cute handbag this month.  It’s a new and different prize that you’ll want to try to snag!  Thanks to forum member AngelBlossom for letting us know about it.

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  • katiebanana1020

    Hey. I just got bunny glasses! Does anyone have a super rare item they would like to trade ? Comment and tell me.

    • http://babv.com elamoonbeam9

      oh me i got this really nice dress i desighned and i won a comp so its on sale but i get 50% off so ill trade you to me its worth 1000 cedits for u its 2000 if i sell it in money i get 900,500 u get the same i have 3 spear

    • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/2011/find-maxine-this-month-for-a-cute-handbag/#comments best5

      I never get stuff from maxien clarkes or stuf like that!can anyone help!

    • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

      ME! i got rare stuff… and skirts and dresses! :) meet me in babv tomorrow den: Star at 7:00. If your not there no trade 4 u….. i guess…. :P

  • Rose :)

    Loads of people have super rare these days. . . I just like all my stuff that makes me me. LOL
    And btw maxine is never on so how do we get the bag :(

  • Neydis

    Gasp! That one is cute! <33

  • Unknown

    I trade you sash, embroided flower tops, red panda ears, icarly laptop, baby panther hat and more for bunny glasses :]

    • http://bearville.com taylor

      i will trade u

  • carakiwi4

    awww, its cute, but it’ll be hard to find maxine

  • FayeTeddyBear

    I got one from a trade, because I’ll never be able to see Maxine!

  • katiebanana1020

    Ok anyone who wants to trade tell me a day and time and I may be willing to trade the bunny glasses

    • jilianbubblebear

      trade u anything 4 bunny !

  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    My opinion is that it is not that cute ): SORRY!!

    • Abigailcinnamon

      Yeah.. I agree. Soz. :/

  • PiperLostHero1

    Hey If you go to the Lumbear Yard you can get the haunted house cover for free. I also think if you’re a member when you do the maze click play again, you’ll get a different candy, play 5 times to get a halloween feathered mask.

    • kayla

      play the maze 5 times?

  • Build A Bear Lover321

    I COULD NOT FIND MAXINE IN SEPTEMBER! Hey,if you go on bearville 5 times in the month of October you get a kooky spooky prize!

    • isabellepawsomepal3

      I was there 5x and did NOT get a prize!


        u had 2 b there in september!

  • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/member.php?u=21157 Abbyalohabear

    Cool, too bad i never find maxine. xD

  • LisaAllheart314

    this bag is cute i guess and looks designer…ish! maxine is mega hard to find though – it would be better if it was a hidden item or something! ;)

  • http://bearvill.com selena

    hi what should I do on bearvill today I mean I want to do something fun and I have no idea what to do I have a lot of stuff to trade and if you want I’m daisydaisy2010 so if you catch me I will always want to trade so tell me your name and we will be friends and I’m also sasha2hip and I’ll just find Once you give me your name then we can talk and become friends so if wanted to talk I’m free. bye lol talk to latter

    • punkytara

      I would love to trade with you, i got very rare items maybe we can meet up sometimes on Bearville, if you have the cake outfit,I WILL MAKE GREAT OFFER!!!!!!

  • starbubbles822


  • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

    *gasp!* ANOTHER CINNAMON!!! :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Ivette Camacho


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