2011Jul 05

Free Virtual Slip N Slide in the new Beary Newsworthy!

by Justin · 36 comments

If you get a chance to venture out to a BuildaBear Workshop in your area, be sure to pick up the latest edition of the Beary Newsworthy newsletter.  As forum member OrlandoKnight pointed out, the flyer contains a virtual code for an awesome Bearville Slip-n-Slide for your yard as shown below!  Other highlights of the newsletter include:

  • The third collection of small frys is now available.
  • Starting July 15th, you can make your own Smurf at BAB stores.  Each Smurf comes with a free poster for your school locker.
  • Arriving August 5th – the new Beary Limited BFF collection will be available!

Here’s the cool slide:



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  • Issabella Laine


  • Issabella


  • Issabella

    yes hannah bell

  • Issabella

    we do keep in touch

  • cici


  • http://bearville.com Cindybearyloved33

    I wish I had the slide
    instead I got this BIG pool that takes up a whole room when you get the Cybearguide scrapbook thingy :)

  • Jenn

    Is this brand new? I was just there a week and a half ago and they did not have this. Gotta go back now… anyone know about birthday coupons?

  • El


  • EL

    Ouch!!!! Ouch!!!!

  • Cici 2

    hey, what did I miss.

  • EL

    what did I miss now????????????????

  • CICI

    hey, always be friendly

  • CiCi97


  • Cici97

    ok then.

  • Abbeyallheart10826

    Whats the code

    • arianna jenison

      i forgot the code to abbeyallheart10826 !!!

  • http://bearville haley

    ok so first of all, how do you get the newsletter? ( i know where a babw store is, idk if you ask for one or get it at the front desk)

  • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/ Abbyalohabear

    That’s cool! =]

    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      well buildabear workshop mails it to you if you have a stuff rur stuff number wow thats a longgggggggggggggggggg word.

    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      omg thanksss! yours is betterrrr mine has deformed lips } SEE SEE SEE PS YOURS IS BETTERERRRRR sorry for all the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • hannah


    • http://buildabearville abby

      yes put the code up i need it right this second


    • arianna jenison

      please put it up to like abby and hannah said!!

  • shayla

    can someone plz give me the code

    • arianna jenison

      yes if anyone gives her the code give it to me to please!!

      • arianna jenison

        PLZ the code

  • http://yahoo.com annabethartsy23

    im going to babw nest week. getting candy blizzard bear.

    • arianna jenison

      you are lucky!!!!!

  • http://deleted Celestebearystylin16

    I have one on my patio in babw lol.

  • Jalila

    I have a code but only one person can get it I was going to give it to BI for a contest becuase iy owuld not be fair…:(

    • hannah

      me plese

  • arianna jenison

    what is the code again??????

  • amanda

    cool slide how do you get the slide i am a stuff for stuff member but they never mailed it to to

  • Jalila

    You have to go to BABW to get it its a little flyer at the counter you can just grab one.

  • http://www.webkinz.com Cassssssidy

    I haVE A CODE FOR A DESK! any body want it?

  • kittymeow2453

    how do you get the slip and slide

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