2011Jul 15

Get Caught Playing Bearville During a Smurf-Out, Win Bear Bills Today!

by Justin · 23 comments

Several of our members have noted that today is “Smurf-out” or “Blue-out” day in Bearville.  If you get caught playing Bearville during a Smurf-out, you will win free bear bills in honor of the recent smurf release.  Thanks to forum member KarenBearHug for the photos below of this morning’s Smurf-out.


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  • ZacharieSummer

    lol why are the smurfs saying null?

    • SydneySuperstar

      haha i was thinking the same thing ;)

    • ariel

      lol ikr

  • http://none jennahug

    i got alot of cash thanks to the blue out
    IT ROCKS!!!

  • http://www.verdesandy.wordpress.com Verdesandy

    I’ve noticed it has been happening on the 16th of July as well.

  • KTangel

    oh i know the smurfs at the town square dont say anything except null

  • http://deleted sonnyyourock104

    yeah that’s true.

  • Fiona

    Yup! same (blue out ) happened to me! It was cool! I got bear bills thanks to the blue out! ;) that explains why my inventory cash is super high! :)

  • anonymous

    I thought it was just my net book messing up making them say null….well at least I am not the only one! weird! :D

  • BreezyBearCub2

    I just thought my net Book was messing up too! why are they saying null thats a question mark ??

  • BreezyBearCub2

    I got so much money from that then i got hacked by SashCool111!!!!!!

  • Celestebearystylin16

    Lol It’s funny when the blue comes on I yell BLUE MOON!

  • Hannah

    I thought my computer was playing up and then babv game me 50 coins and I was like ‘YAAAY!’

    • holly

      hi hannah I know the bab games are so good .

  • allison 123

    I was just able to catch a “blue out” thanks for letting me know I should head over there.

  • Markista

    Ok I havent play for rlly long time WHTS GOING ON OUT THERE !! O-O

  • arianna jenison

    that is awesome and i will be there!!!!!

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    THE SMURFS ARE SO ADORABLE ,THOUGH I AM 10 AND PROBLY SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL……WAIT ITS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!THATS THE GOOD THING . BUT SCHOOL STARTS BACK IN 1 WEEK AND 4 DAYS :) I LIKE SCHOOL BECOZ IT KEEPS ME FROM BEING ON THE CPU ALL DAY. JUST SO YOU KNOW I AM MINAKO AND ARE CHANGING INTO LAXER . also never i repeat never rite laxer in upper case letters !!!!!!!! also this is a typo …..the hole upper lower case thingy-ma-bobber!!!!!!!lolz.bye

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    yo how didyou guys post the smileys like dat?

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    oh i found out:)

  • abbigailcapricorn16

    It’s today!!!!!

  • maddiepurrfect10

    It`s so cool! I tried it and noticed that you can do it more than one day but only once a day! Thank you Karenbearhug you made me earn extra bear bills! Thank you!

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