2011Aug 19

Happy Birthday Bearemy!

by Justin · 26 comments

It’s Bearemy’s birthday once again!  Be sure to visit him in Bearville between now and August 21st to get some free balloons.  The most recent edition of Bearville Times also mentions other party activities that will take place. 

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  • Punkytara


  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    hope you have a pawesome day<3!!!!

  • neydis

    Grrrr…another repeat. And I’m really disappointed this time become those balloons USED to be rare. -.-”

    Well….Happy Birthday Bearemy.

  • ZacharieSummer

    lol Bearemy is 4 months older than me

  • PiperLostHero1

    If you visit him again on August 20 , He gives you a Cake Hat, Visit again He’ll give something else on the 21.

  • sonnyyourock104

    how old is bearemy like 30 years old

  • http://webstarts.com/flyingstrawberries2 michellebearhero3

    no i don’t think bearmey is that old…

  • http://www.verdesandy.wordpress.com Verdesandy

    Today you get a t shirt!

  • ZacharieSummer

    Bearemy’s b-day is August 21, 1998. I saw it a few times at BABW. He turns 13 today.

  • http://Bearville Mommy’s girl

    Happy Birthday Bearemy!
    You’re my idol!!!

    XoXo mommy’s girl

  • http://Bearville Mommy’s girl

    Oh You are 13 right? I just turned 9 a few days ago Happy birthday to you and me both!
    Love ya big guy!

    • http://www.webkinz.com Cassssssidy

      on the 19th you get baloons and on the 20th you get a hat and on the 21st you get a shirt. HAPPY 13th BEAREMY my bday is a month after yours cuz I turn 13 on september 24th

  • http://www.verdesandy.wordpress.com Verdesandy

    O my gosh! I just realized something: I’m older then Bearemy! Yay! I’m so happy because I always struggle in life to find people I am older than!!

  • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/member.php?u=21157 Abbyalohabear

    Please don’t post your age anyone . It’s against the BI rules, And it’s not safe.

  • lizardbit

    Happy birthday Bearemy! My first bear is almost 9, and she wishes you a happy birthday too!

  • ravenclawforever

    You were my best friend at age four-and now happily reside on a spot of honor on my shelf. Love ya, big guy. You were my first bear (I called you Brown Bear) and I loved you as I still do today. HAPPY BEARTHDAY BEAREMY! <3 <3 <3 <3- Ravenclaw

    • http://what? HarryPotterFreak

      Raven claw forever but Gryffndor remains! LONG LIVE GRYFFONDOR

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com allyallheart101

    ditto to Ravenclaw (I posted as her-whooops!)

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com allyallheart101

    and please do not put your age! It is not safe! Creepers are everywhere…..

    • Diana


  • TateKnight

    When I got Bearemy a few years ago, I named him Beary :) lol

  • shayla

    Where is Bearemy Located So I can Get my Free Balloons….l0l And Of Course wish him a Happy Bearfday :)

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com jenna

    Happy BDAY Bearmy

  • http://what? HarryPotterFreak

    Happy Burfday!

  • Thianna

    I know its to late saying this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAREMY!

  • olivia

    i know im late at sayinng HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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