2011Dec 16

Jr Cybearguide Holiday Gifts Now Arriving!

by Wendy · 12 comments

If you are serving Bearville as a Jr Cybearguide, be sure to keep an eye on your bearmail.  This year’s Jr Cybearguide holiday gifts are arriving and they are super cool.  The gift is a snowman chair which will look great in your Cub Condo throughout the winter months.

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  • mariah

    hey guys

  • Gonzalesbarb

    i got 1! SUPER CUTE

  • Maddiepurrfect10

    so cool my bear can not stop sitting in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • :) ;)

    iam a jr thingy and i dont have one ;( when do you get them?? caue ive checked my bear mail every day and still none and iam a pretty good jr cybler guyide! LOL ;)

  • Langv2

    i got the mail but not he chair :P

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Jr. Gybearguide but I too got the message but not the chair! There is a “Gift Wrapped Couch” in my stuff though, did I get that instead? Where was that from?

  • mickeycute103

    AWESOME luv it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I am also a Jr. Cybearguide and never got something like that? I didn’t even get a message either. Just in case, my username is: WendyCapricorn without any numbers after it. I also got that message from santa and there was no special vest in the message to click on, and no vest in my stuff already. Hopefully these kind of glitches can be fixed. Thanks…

  • Venessa

    i did not get that!! :o I Only Got The Gift Wrapped Couch! My Username Is venessa4leafclover173

  • Jules0

    that happened to me i got mine yesterday

  • Jules0

    no you did not

  • Anon

    Yeah, I got both the message from Chloe and Santa but did not receive either of their gifts.

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