2011Nov 02

Jr Cybearguides: Earn Credits by Giving Tours!

by Wendy · 39 comments

We reported shortly ago that all Jr Cybearguides received a new “tour” move.  Some of our forum members have been diligently providing tours to new Bearville members.  They learned that once 10 tours are given, a Bearville Outfitters credit is received!  It’s nice to know they will be rewarded for their hard work.

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  • Alicekenton

    i didnt get the move. My friend just joined and she did but i didnt! Unfair!

    • Libbyiremonger

      are you are jrcybearguige?

    • Ashley

      i dont get that weird

  • Manira9977

    don’t worry they’re still giving them out

  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    It is so hard because every stupid citicen always leave I hate that!

    • Ashley

      thats happening to me too

  • Ashley bingler birg

    people keep leaving my group when im giving it! they shouldnt be able to leave it its mean

    • Mommybeth_2001

      Sometimes the slower computer in my house says that my group left me behind.

  • Vallygirl2011

    yeah they always leave, :( so try and get a lot of peaple and tell them that you really need it or something, idk i am just trying to give out good advice out for you guys :) just always stay positive and maybe it will work out. :)

  • Lindsey

    I know its annoying when they all leave!
    But what i do is i just take one person like the seconde someone joins i start a tour because if you start waiting for more people they’re going to leave! :)

    • Dbdb


  • Vanessa


  • lilya

    it does not work

  • :)

    :) :D ;)

  • luckymarypink

    Well, are you sure that giving-ten-tours-will-get-you-1-bear-credit thing is only applicable for the FIRST TEN tours you give? Because when I completed my 11th tour, they didn’t say anything about getting another credit.

    • Mafdv

      no it didnt work 4 me

  • lily


    • Marlarose77

      really miku you should of put rin and len or gumi

  • Diosi

    wow! credits? xD happy hey tweepoeples!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000209839976 Breque Hardy

    i only got one credit..??. i was worth it cause i got a cute snow flake dress but how did i get only 1 credit¿ why can’t i get more?

    • Abbeyallheart10826

      To me its should be 3

  • alexearthfriendly111


  • Linabi777

    hey guys, I have 3 extra furry friend codes.. If you want them just email me at: linabi777@gmail.com
    Hurryyyy uppp, the first three to email me gets them[:

  • hehe

    i have a question like can u give the tour to the same people over and over again to get 10 credits cause iam about 2 join for like the 6 time and i wanna make another accoutn to get credits!!!!!! ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000209839976 Breque Hardy

      why would you give them the same tour?… wouldn’t that be boring?… besides touring new people is the best way.

      • AbbeRocker4

        You can, but I agree with Breque Hardy. Why would you? That would be boring, but you can do what you wish to do, since it’s your account.

  • Linabi777

    hey guys, I have 3 extra furry friend codes.. If you want them just email me at: linabi777@gmail.com
    Hurryyyy uppp, the first three to email me gets them[:

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000209839976 Breque Hardy

      why don’t you just post it¿

      • AbbeRocker41

        So not just anyone gets them and people try them and they’re used? Only one person knows them and that’s it. No chaos.

  • BlackroseJM

    that’s REALLY AAWWWEESSOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tay-tay

    I know people keep on leaving my group as well!

  • Annpop125

    so every ten tours you get a credit or just for your first ten tours

    • Heartherbubbles165

      I belive it is for every ten tours and not just the first ten

    • Amy Samuels

      I think it’s every ten tours. I hope so.

  • Mcauleyfamily

    I love giving tours it is so much fun because sometimes I learn from my own tours jrCBG’s rock

  • Ckwun02

    How do you get to give tours?

    • AbbeRocker41

      Be a Jr.CyBearGuide, and you get the move.

  • chloebear50984

    yeah nobody stays well i only did 5 but so so i can get it soon i think we sould get like 4 credits we worked so hard

  • Amy Samuels

    I can’t wait to give 10 tours! 7 more tours to go!

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