2011Oct 25

Jr Cybearguides, Look for Your New Tour Move!

by Wendy · 13 comments

To all the Jr Cybearguides out there, be sure to check your bearmail for your new “tour guide” move.  This move enables your character to hold up a sign so that new Bearville visitors can join you for a tour of the game.  It’s a great opportunity to help out fellow players!

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  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    I have that move! It was so fun taking people on a tour! (:

  • Ivette Camacho

    omg i have that move cuz im awsome n im a jr cyber guide IF U WANNA B MY FRIEND I AM ”IVETTELOVE23” IM USUALLY IN THE ”BEARILLIAT” DEN

  • aprilbanana520

    Who agrees that Bearville is better than Club Penguin? I think that Bearville is diffinately a lot fairer than Club Penguin. Just like how there are to many things that you have to be a member for to shake a stick at, the price of membership is to high to shake a stick at!

  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    If you go on other peoples tour then you get 100$ bear bills and a camera!

  • RebeccaHoneyDay3

    I just became Jr. Cyberbear Guide today, but I didn’t recieve the Free Tour move. Is there something I have to do to get it?

    • Juliekatem

      No. Just become a Jr. Cybearguide.

  • http://bearville AJVollryball7

    i became one eariler today and i didnt get it! UNFAIR!

  • http://bearville AJVolleyball7

    i had miss a few days so i had to wait for today to become one again and when i did i didnt get it! :( thats unfair!

  • maddiepurrfect10

    It realy helped me find the move thank you bearville insider!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mercedessparling

    Its so unfair! I didnt get the move:(

  • JadaPawPrints

    You have to take a tour while being a Jr. Cybear to get the move

  • Alyssa

    i am Abbeyadorable2759 and i think that is just brilliant

  • Mckenzie

    You get a camera if you see this and go through the tour! It’s bearrific!

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