2011Dec 13

Live Chat with Elves at the North Pole!

by Wendy · 38 comments

As several of you have already noticed, Bearville added an amazing feature to the North Pole this year!  If the workshop is “open” you can now chat live with some of Santa’s elves.  You can draw with the elves, play present pick up and chat with them.  Many of our forum members have reported meeting elves Francisco Frostbite, Trudy Truffle, Lulu Lovesweets, Sylvia Spark, Nobby Nutmeg, Holly Jolly and Snowy Joey.  Listen carefully….they may just call your name and add you to the nice list!

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  • lovethisplace

    how do you know when their on?

  • Gmaples9

    What’s the URLwebsite?

    • addy


  • Loveclaudialove

    yeah but how do i talk with them?

  • Alexandria


  • Browntreona

    i love them

  • lala

    how do i talk with them?

  • Travis McGuire


  • lillygirlpretty


  • lillygirlpretty

    i was here last year and when are you going to be on like when can we see you

  • lillygirlpretty

    it had open in ” ” so its not real

    • bebopx02

      no! it’s %100000 real. you just don’t believe in Santa!

  • lillygirlpretty

    hey bebopx02 i do belive santa just most of the time when a word has ” ” it means not real so and how old are you?

  • emma

    so was this only the 13 for my child? i think it should be all through the month if decmber! my child got to talk to the elf last year but this year no because i am pretty sure you changed the date! please look into my idea of having it all decmber next christmas i think it would be a good thing to do and surely the kids would love it! thank you!

  • emma


    • Josie

      R u an elf

      • Josie

        Do u believe in Christmas

  • emma

    it is 2012 are we doing it 2012?

  • ohmir


  • ohmir

    woowoo fuckit

    • addy

      not me

      • Josie


    • Ciera

      bad word

  • alexis

    Am I on the good list?

    • Ciera

      yes yes you are

  • Stacy Muniz

    I’m I on the knotty or nice list?

    • Josie


    • Ciera


  • lili

    shake your booty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • addy


  • addy

    how is not cool

  • ali

    hi who likes one direction?

  • Josie

    Do u like one direction

  • Ciera

    hi i want a electric scooter for next christmas please

  • angel


  • angel

    WIll I meet miley cyrus

  • haley


  • Guest


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