2011Aug 17

Lucky Members Snag the Darling Dot Apatosaurus!

by Justin · 11 comments

A few of our forum members here on Bearville Insider were lucky enough to get an order in for a Facebook Exclusive (and apparently limited edition) Darling Dot Apatosaurus.  The bear was unveiled to fans of BuildABear’s Facebook page and was only available for purchase until midnight last evening.  Thanks to chantellefursion for letting us know about it and also congratulations to her for getting her hands on one!

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  • Zoe

    aww, i wish i got one!

  • GabbyGirl88

    They aren’t selling them anymore? Awww…. ):

  • cici

    aww Man and its so cute – thats just NOT I repeat NOT fair,…. :( :( :( :( . why, why, why, why???? :( (now I’m crying because I’am just sooo sooo sad.) :(

  • lauren

    wow i really want 1 they look emence

  • NicoleApril913

    I’m sorry, this is just TOO UNFAIR. What about the people who don’t have a facebook? Like, if they aren’t aloud to, or they don’t want one. Sorry BABW, but you just caused some angry customers…

    • HeidyBear20

      Amen Nicole, Why couldn’t they send out an e-mail, or post it on bearville? Wish I had one, In June-through-July I got two bears within like, 6 days. Still, wish they had sent an e-mail OR SOMETHING!

  • Abigailcinnamon

    Unfair. All BABW fans don’t have a FB, do you know that, BABW Staff!? >:I
    I’m angry now because I don’t have one of these. :(

  • Punkytara


  • forever&always.♥

    That’s so adorable. (:


  • http://bearvilleinsider.com jenna

    it has a long neck :)

  • DakotaFlower80

    You can still get him on the build-a-dino website

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