2011Oct 25

Make Sure to Trick or Treat in Bearville This Week!

by Wendy · 7 comments

Don’t forget to visit some of your favorite Bearville characters and do some trick or treating this week!  Thanks to savannahcute25 for providing the details on our forum.  By visiting Bearemy in Town Square, the Panda at the Sportsplex, Pawlette, Ted the Tailor at Pawlette’s Boutique and the Cheetah in the Library you can earn these fun treats:

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  • http://bearville marisol veajr


  • http://zarabearvillecheats.weebly.com/ ZaraAdventureBear96

    Thank that really helps!

  • joecool175

    I went and the trip was so yummy!

  • maddiepurrfect10

    It realy helped me and I got the sweets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Virgina-Rose-Alborge/100001831372383 Virgina Rose Alborge

    does any1 know how to get the zombie move?

  • heidybear20

    here are some scary move dance codes i got at babw, they actually work!




    p.s. i have no right to be yelled at because they DON”T work, try another code, someone used that one already if it doesn’t work.

    if you have an xtra stuffing machine, i am giving 6,000 bear bills and a blue velvet dress that TONS of people have asked me for.

    grasias (i dont speak spanish)
    Thank you!

  • Libbyiremonger

    it tell you where so easy

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