2011Jun 21

Mystery Bunny Spotted in Bearville!

by Justin · 53 comments

UPDATE 6/27/11:  The Mystery Bunny has been identified thanks to forum member cuddles2000!  While visiting her local BuildaBear store, she received a flyer with information on some new bears being released this summer.  Included on the flyer was information about a collection of “BFF” bears….and the pink bunny is one of them!  Thanks so much for solving the mystery.

A few of our members have reported spotting a mystery bunny rabbit in Bearville today.  She is dressed in a school outfit and holding what appears to be a golden ticket.  What could this mean?  Is it a new bear for back to school?  Only time will tell…..

UPDATE:  The mystery bunny has now disappeared from Bearville!  That makes it even more of a mystery…..

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  • Arianabear16

    All the bears around town have that golden ticket and then they eat it lol. I wonder what this bunny is doing here. Maybe there is a new series of back to school animals.

    • Rose :)

      Hey bear, ? This is adorable. I lost chat on that account :(
      Now i am amandabaletbear48 :)


    NO WAY!!!!! :)

    • http://buildabearville.com daniella garcia

      i think its just because we are going to school in like 8 MONTHS WHAT IS BUILD A BEAR VILLE CRAZY!?!?

  • http://www.bearville.com thekirbyandsonicfan65

    Thats cool! I think it shall be a back to school collection for this year.

  • Michael

    Where is it?
    Tell meh!

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com abbyalohabear

    Wow. I was wondering about that. . . . . It’s still a mystery .

  • Arianabear16

    It’s gone!!!

    • KittyKat

      I just saw it!

  • Allyson

    of course its gone! it said it is gone at the top! lol

    • Arianabear16

      lol I didn’t see that update :P

      • Allyson

        he he :P

  • EveEnthusiastic28

    I saw it :D
    It was standing next to the Hello Kitty Bear infront of bearville outfitters
    I was so amused by it :D

  • Wendy

    I know I saw it too! So weird then the next day it disappeared
    Maybe when school starts again it will come back but we’ll have to find out

  • Pretty Little Liar

    I have nver seen that bunny before, i wonder why it disappeared???

  • Bella

    Yeah I saw it! Maybe it means there’s a new Bunny you can buy at BABW?……

  • CaleighYellow

    I think it is ones of the new virtual bears that are coming out in july….however it is odd shes wearing school clothes…maybe they were designing her behind the scenes and accidently posted her live and removed her after realizing

  • BunnyRose87

    Yeah, I think it was that they were designing her, with some of her clothes on, and accidently posted her and removed her, or it could actually be one of those mysteries thingies that Bearville™ post, then remove them. :P :) :) :P :) :P :P :) :P :) :P :) :P :) :P :) :P :) :) :P :) : P : ) : ) :P :P :P !!!

  • LorenaBlue8

    At first, I clicked it, to see if there was a gift, but no there wasn’t! ;O

    • brianna789

      hey lorena i live near u!

  • brianna7411477441147741147744147411477441

    omg! i saw it by the golf game and like three seconds later it was gone i searched google and it said that it was a new school thing and later in the summer they will have a contest later in the summer and whoever wins gets 2 free animals ones that bunny the other u get to make!:)

  • http://Hotmail.com peytonie

    I like build-a bear as a anway to go….

  • JordanSmiley41

    I think it’s one of those Virtual Bears coming in July. Like, maybe you click on her and she gives you a variation Virtual Bear of her and you get to customise it. I mean the popup says “Check back July 1st for you chance to get a virtual Furry Friend” it doesn’t say that you have to BUY it, so maybe she gives it out!

  • http://yahoo.com dodobird101

    Yeah that is pretty mysterious I want to check it out…no wait i alreaty did , I cannot believe it vanished it seems like a very interesting mystery!

  • http://yahoo.com dodobird101


  • http://yahoo.com dodobird101

    Cool i want to see it again or were it was!

    • http://yahoo.com dodobird101

      why am i talking to myself?

  • http://yahoo.com dodobird101

    im confused

  • http://yahoo.com dodobird101

    i think everyone else is rite or are they?

  • http://bearville.com jazrox

    where are all the ice cream bears

  • LakeVanilla

    I think it’s a SCHOOLS OUT bunny. Lol. Maybe the ticket is some kind of hall pass? I clicked on her to see if she talked, but she remained slilent.

    • Allyson

      LOL seriously? it sounds so funny lake that you say, but she remained silent. LOL

  • Zoeydecember117

    I think that the bunny is apart of the BFF collection coming out August 5th. I ts was probably her picture on the beary newsworthy along with two other bears.

  • KatieBalletSlippers123

    I think it is a bunny from Hugsville! remember how you can’t click on it? DUH! A train ticket to Hugsville! LOL ♥

  • sonnyyourock104

    that’s mysterious oh yeah hey anyone want to chat with me i have no one to talk to im lonely and i barely know how to post cool things i need help anyone?:(

  • http://Bearville.com Cindybearyloved33

    OMG! Well I wonder what it means. Maybe another quest! I am gonna check Bearville to see for myself

    Logging on after Bearville:
    OMG! Hello Kitty is not there anymore! Neither is the bunny!

  • diana nguyen

    its the new bff collection they arrive august 5th its in the new beary newsworthy

    • Cici

      whats that – how can I see what they are???? what are they – so want them.

  • http://www.bearville.com thekirbyandsonicfan65

    BFF BEARS!!! I need to 2 of them for me and my best friend, Eric. Want the pink bunny:)

  • HelloKitty23

    Woah. thats just bezonkers.

  • HelloKitty23

    any1 up for partyin at my place?
    Im CelinePawprint24! Im populars.


    • Cici

      xD?????/?// whats does that mean hellokitty23????

    • AnnieBanana267

      sure meet you at the bank! my name is anniebanana267 obviously

  • AnnieBanana267

    maybe its just a mistake. maybe buildabear is working on making a new bunny with a quest and they put it too early so they took it off. some mistakes are cool though!

  • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

    she probably left cuz got tired of standing up to long

  • sky

    it is a new Bff bear coming out at the end of july and the begging of august

  • sky

    this is apart of a new BFF collection she is a pink bunny that has a heart on it there are also two other ones that go in this collection ones a blue bear and has a flower on it and the other is a purple cat that has a peace sign on it they are all cute and going to make a huge hit that bunny will be back with two other friends they arrive on august 5 collect this berry limited edition

  • http://buildabearville Ashelyadorable8938

    Hmmmmm….. Mysterious.

    • http://www.facebook.com giselle

      omg you guys dont know its because summer is ending and the fair is closed for the season

  • elsa2hip96

    its at town square by bear stuff

  • Gabby

    that is my bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1KIMZ


  • Guest

    It’s not mystery, it’s just one of the BFF bears from a year or two ago.

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