2011Sep 19

New Paws for Nature Prize!

by Wendy · 17 comments

Make sure to read the new Paws for Nature and take the owl quiz at the end of the magazine.  If you do, you will receive the neat Owl t-shirt shown below.  Thanks to member AliceDecember7 for letting us know.

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  • AlyArtsy218

    How do u go to the magazine

    • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

      Read my steps on the very bottom.

  • powerpuffgirls

    what magazine?

    • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

      See the the last post on the bottom. The one that says, AJCINNAMON446

  • Punkytara

    I GOT 1, IT’S OK! ;)

  • cassidy

    Where is the paws for nature ???

    • Bellathorne143

      Well, you have to read the September 15 issue, and click the owl I think. Then you have to go to your house and click furniture and then you have it!

  • AwesomeGirl2

    It looks like the purple one given out about maybe 3 years ago!

  • Annewhite39

    What is the code? i can’t buy it since in live far away :(

  • Rose :)

    I got the owl shirt, it doesn’t really go with any stuff i have so, i will have to do a lil bit of trading :o )

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com angelinaallheart581

    where are the new paws found i dont know

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com angelinaallheart581

    i mean i dont know were to find them (new paws)

  • http://att lily

    :) :( :D :X

  • http://att lily


  • LauraBallerina59

    Paws for Nature can be found at the Libeary if you dont have it ;)
    if you already have it it will be in your furniture inventory
    hope this helped beary much! – LauraBallerina59

  • LisaAllheart314

    I think this owl tee would be super cute but…..its in completley the wrong colour! okaaay…i know it’s autumn colours but it would go with a lot more of our stuff if it was a better colour! :)

  • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

    Guys here is a cool cheat, you may have known but still for those who have not:
    EVERY PAWSOME FOR NATURE CATOLOG IF YOU READ IT AND TAKE THE QUIZ THEY WILL GIVE YOU FREE THINGS. If you are having trouble on how to get the catolog, read my post up.

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