2011Nov 01

New Penguin Quest in Bearville!

by Wendy · 18 comments

If you’ve been in Town Square today, no doubt you’ve noticed cute little Erik the Penguin hanging around.  Click on him and you’ll find a new quest.  If you are able to complete all the tasks, you’ll win this coooool (and no doubt limited edition) Happy Feet poster.  Good luck!

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  • Gabyprincess111

    where can i find them

  • Sneha Govardhan

    yeah me too…. the only reason i come here is to find cheats..

    • Josiejijnr

      one place is the lighthouse

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sacajawea-Eighth-Grader/100002870998815 Sacajawea Eighth Grader

    farm in the wagon
    that is all i could find

  • BaileyAngel2680

    I have found all of the bow ties here is where you can find them:
    Lighthouse on beach
    Wagon bed at Farm
    Train Station in front
    Bearywood Mall in front of bench
    Coffee Shop in front of counter

    You get a really neat Happy Feet poster

  • sabrinalove288

    thanks baileyAngel268o!!

  • Kelly

    Thanks BaileyAngel2680 you are awesome

  • oliviabubbles114

    all of them places where right!! the answers bailey angel said were correct if u cannnot find them ok again!

  • BaileyAngel2680

    @ Kelly, oliviabubbles114, sabrinalove288
    your welcome you guys! glad ya’ll got yr posters

  • Indyawishes1

    I found them all
    one at the mall the other’s at the
    coffee shop, light house, farm and the train station
    hope this would help

  • LynnSnowbear7

    Thank you that was very accurate and helpful. You all are great. Thanks

  • Olivia

    Thanks BaileyAngel2680… you rock i just needed 1 more bowtie!

  • Kitty Love


  • Iveyjohnson71

    can u be my friend

  • Penguins.

    I can’t find the one at the farm! I’ve looked everywhere! Even in the wagon bed where Bailey said it was! I still can’t find it! Help?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lollipopangel10 Giselle Candy Pili

    Thank you!

  • Linabi777

    hey guys, I have 3 extra furry friend codes.. If you want them just email me at: linabi777@gmail.com
    Hurryyyy uppp, the first three to email me gets them[:

  • Goargie

    didnt work for me

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