2011Nov 01

New Stilts Ride Available in Bearville!

by Wendy · 8 comments

Forum member LoveThyPug let us know about a brand new ride available now in Bearville.  It looks like a great way to get around in the deep winter snow.  Check it out!  The cost is five credits.

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  • MelindaPaw3

    Hello :) Can you please add me on bearville? My name is MelindaPaw3 and my bear is a brown swirl :) thanks! Please help me to get a ride!

    • Jordanmoyer25

      how many people do u need till u can get a ride

      • Leah_

        wow cool ride u have i wish i had one like her’s.

      • Leah_

        i think jordanmoyer25 there 5 credits.

  • Wizzowee

    I added you accept PLEASE!

  • lily

    thats a fun ride

  • Hannnah

    weo cool lily be my friend

  • Leah_

    5 CREDITS 5 CREDITS for only these stiilts they are spoiled!

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