2011Aug 30

Older Bears Available from BuildABear on Amazon!

by Wendy · 6 comments

Staff member LocoBananas let us know that older Build A Bear animals can be purchased via the Build A Bear store on Amazon.com.  If you are searching for an older pet that is no longer in stores, you may want to check it out.  Here is the link:

Amazon Store

Some of the styles available include the Sweet Hugs and Kisses Teddy, Rudolph and the Mini Gator.

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  • daisyrox6

    Its Smallfrys 1st birthday! You could get the peace and smiles bear and the autumn bear in smallfry form with halloween costumes for them!

  • KatieAdorable3885

    i wonder if they have the “spring time fun bunny” i wish they would and i’ll probably check it out!!

  • Rose :)

    I wanna old bear i am gonna go check it out right now. .

  • http://www.amazon.co.uk nancy81

    there is no build a bear shop on amazon.co.uk.

  • Thianna

    I know its to late saying this but that is a cute bear.

  • olivia

    thats so cute!!!!!!!

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