2011Jul 21

Read the New Bearville Times!

by Justin · 11 comments

There is a new version of the Bearville Times available for your reading pleasure.  If you read the whole thing, you will receive a brand new paper hat!  Check out the photo below:

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  • Sammygirl58

    Cooool hat!!! A paper hat rockz but not when its raining!!!!!! :(

  • Markista

    Lol raining I LIKE THT !!! it doesnt have to rain but maybe its good for sun OR NOT :O its not helpful but I LIKE IT MUCH !!!

  • HeidyBear20

    CUTE!!!!! I mean it’s adorable when you pair it with a red and striped shirt!!! Got mine a few days ago……. anyone got a stuffing machine code? I’m so desperate I’m giving 5,000 bear bills for one!!!!!!
    p.s. I’ll look on here in a few days

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    lolz it is so creative i wish i was that talented

  • http://bearville madibeardiva102

    thats soooooo cool!!!!!!!:)

  • http://Bearville Big-Brother

    There are ten Paper Hats,
    The :P sign Is a face with a touge sticking out.
    Hee Hee!

  • Emily

    how do we do THAT?

  • evie wallwork

    bear is a beary cool place to be

  • ellie

    bearville is beary,beary awsome

  • christopher


  • Tanay

    This is super cool.

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