2011May 12

Stuffable Angry Birds Characters at Limited Build-a-Bear Workshops!

by Justin · 13 comments

build a bear angry birdsLet’s admit it, we’ve all played hours and hours of Angry Birds on various phones, tablets and computers. Ok, now that you’ve admitted it, let’s all admit that it’d be super-cool to get some Legos and Lincoln Logs to build some of the levels and play Angry Birds for real… Thanks to BABV and Rovio, you can!

babvcrazy from our Bearville Insider Forum found an online ad for stuffable Angry Birds characters that you can now buy at local Build-a-Bear Workshops! Not all BABW’s will be carrying the awesome new plushes, but check out BABW’s ad to see if your local Build-a-Bear Workshop is one of the limited locations.

We’d love to see some of you building real-life puzzles with the birds and pigs, so please send us some pictures if you do!

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  • Rachel

    I will totally go to BABW and get these! I have a gift card and everything! :)

  • Kupkake

    Love angry birds!! :)

    • Justin

      Me too! What do you play it on?

  • http://yahoo.com diosi

    Say what! :O i

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  • http://www.bearville.com thekirbyandsonicfan65

    Why did they put that on some BABW stores? Maybe in the US BABWS shall have Kirby build a bears and UK they should have Sonic build a bears. Thats cool:)

    • honeybanana30

      tht would be so cool

  • hillary

    the angry birds at build a bear workshop are not stuffable, they are small prestuffed birds that make noise. they are also not at every workshop yet they should be soon.

  • HoneyBanana30

    I love angry birds, shame they don’t do any of the workshops in the uk

  • xCookiehsx

    I don’t like Angry Birds, but it looks good! (:

  • Flo foreva loved by u

    i luv angry birds so this s really gr8 tht BABW are joining o wit em to makae the new angry birds colletin ull defenetally c meh there buying em lolz X’D x

  • meeeeeeee

    i have a question can you go online with them? cuz if they do i might order for my sis b-day since she LOVES angrybirds i don’t like it that much but these look amazing! (never expected these coming) and I AGREE WE NEED A KIRBY BEAR (kirby is so cute!)

  • NicoleApril913

    I saw these at JCPenney…

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