2011Jul 13

Survey about new Collections on Bearville!

by Justin · 16 comments

Thank you to forum member Jordan and Ruby! for letting us know about a new survey available on Bearville.com.  The survey is about some new collections shown below.  The collections are the Sea Collection, Farm Collection and Zoo Collection.  Check them out and be sure to vote!

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  • http://bearvilleinsider.com SydneyFluffy175

    I LOVE THE FARM ANIMALS!! THEY R SO CUTE!! Give me the PIG! it’s so cute!! When r they gonna sell them?! So cute!

  • http://yahoo.com diosi

    i no right i luv all! ya wen they seling them

  • Jacobishot


  • NicoleApril913

    I like the Sea collection :)

  • Liliana Gais

    My son Angelo love the moment when he choose the heart!!! for the bears. My Angela loves the wild animals collection . Recently she bought the cocodrile!!!!! she sleeps with it!!!!!

  • BKawaii

    lol, i don’t really like any FULL collections- For my moms wallet, i’d have to go with the farm or zoo collections, since I only like one bear out of each (The Pig, and the Parrot), but my favorite would have to be the sea collection, since I like the octapus, and sea bear (and kind of like the turtle).

    All of the zoo collection has already been made (excep for the parrot), so I don’t exactly see a point in remaking everything for some collection- And the clydesdale from the farm collection has already been made as well.
    Buildabears best bet would be the Sea collection if you ask me- then they can always come out with the other animals seperately?

    The Sea bears would be completely sold out at every beach in the USA- Zoo bears might be a hit at all USA zoos, but there is no real place for the farm animals.

  • Rachel

    I love most of them, especially the pig, the elephant and the goat AND THE OCTOPUS!
    I want to have the octopus, it was love at first sight.
    Don’t know if the clothes will fit though :-)


    • charlize

      i love the goat too! ! my moms friend works at a farm and one of the goats ate my paper i was drawing on! ! ! lol :D

  • Sammygirl58

    Go Zoo Animals!!!!!!! Go Giraffes!!!!!!!! I love my Giraffe that I got last June!!!!! It Rockz!!!!!

  • arianna jenison

    i love the sea collection and i want all of them!!!!!!

  • amanda

    i love the sea collection because of the octopus and can some one please tell me how to vote thanxs

  • LaurenJ

    I’ve completed surveys on the Garden Collection (3 animals – puppy, dragonfly, and bumblebee) and Googley Collection (4 animals – bunny, puppy, owl, and bear). Sorry I don’t have pictures.

  • http://heidiwightman@gmail.com heidi wightman

    The farm ones…LOVE the goat!!!!

  • lizzy

    I love the farm collection the best, but the sea turtle and sea bear are adorable.

  • libby

    im savingup for the pig and im getting the monkey for my b day.go bab

  • maddiepurrfect10

    They look so cool! The amazing styles and colours are so cool!

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