2011Jul 21

The Smurfs Invade the Bee Stylin Salon!

by Justin · 21 comments

If you haven’t already heard, the smurfs have invaded the Bee Stylin Salon in Bearville.  You can now get Smurfette’s hair, braces for your teeth…and you can even turn your skin blue.  Thank you to several forum members for passing this info along and to buildabearlover123 for providing the following pictures.

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  • neydis

    Whoa, I didn’t know that you could have braces now! That’s hilariously awesome! xD

  • Sammygirl58

    Now I’ll have braces on bearville and off bearville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Markista

    LOL it would be you anyway :P but I like tht braces being dots !!!

  • arianna jenison

    i never you could even get braces that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    i look weird with braces

    • arianna jenison

      is that you on the home page and do you want to talk back and forth laxer?????

      • naoma


    • arianna jenison

      were do you live??????

  • arianna jenison

    laxer i was wonderig if we could be friends but if you talk to other people on here thats fine!?

  • arianna jenison

    you guys should start at page 5 and go all the way to ten and there is a lot of bears there and 0 comments and when there is i comment then i wrote some stuff on them and there is a lot of cool stuff!!!!!

  • babv rocks

    i look just like smurfette im getting smurfette bear next week .Yay!!!

  • morgan

    how do you get your body blue??

    • abbigailcapricorn16

      Go onto the change skin on bee stylin salon and just click til ya get 2 blue. It’s this box:

      _ _

      _ _ This one

      _ means box.


  • http://Bearville Big-Brother

    Love the cute braces! Which one do you prefer?
    Reply on this blog and one of you will win a Mega Bear Bill Prize From Me And My Friend Sammygirl58! xoxo

    • http://buildabearville dajapawsomegal2

      i love all the braces

      • Diana

        good for u. but i havee them and they aren’t that comfertable.

    • ajsoccerbear1350

      The braces are ALL super cool! Which one do YOU like the best?

  • http://babv millie molly xox

    wow! braces! not that i’d get them myself but i guess they look cute on the right person!

  • Diana

    i have braces and i look fine. but when i got braces on babv it looks retarded

  • SavannaCrystal26

    I cant believe Bearville added braces! I have braces in real life and on Bearville!

  • bb


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