2011Jul 21

Turn your Cub Condo into a Mushroom!

by Justin · 20 comments

Wow!  Our friends in Bearville are really taking this Smurf thing seriously.  Courtneybear121 let us know that you can even turn your Cub Condo into a Mushroom!  The cost is 3000 bear bills and the design can be found at the Lumbearyard.

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  • http://beaville.com NatashaBallerina142

    ok….i gues

  • http://beaville.com NatashaBallerina142

    I dont thinnk that wont be very pretty for a house just wierd

  • Fiona


  • BreezyBearCub2

    OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • Sammygirl58


  • Markista

    Aha thts awesome but… I FORGOT MY PASSWORD FOR RLLY LONG TIME -frustrated- How can I change my password

    • iam2cool

      you need to press log in and then forgot my password then they will send your password to the email you filld hope i helped :)

  • SabrinaAdventure179

    kinda wierd looking..

  • BreezyBearCub2

    i look like smurfette i should buy one so i would be a smurf

  • PiperLostHero1

    I found out what the winning and losing team gets!!

    1st place: A trophy, an ice cream treat, an interactive waterslide, and a personalized camper’s trunk with the teams matching color.

    2nd: A trophy, an ice cream treat, an interactive waterslide.

    3rd: A trophy, an ice cream treat.

    4th: A trophy.

    It says so on the terms & condition clip board!!!!

    • day1212


  • http://bearville.com laxer

    too bad i cnt afford this kinda sstuff

  • Emma

    Sooo Cutee! I wish I had a pet so I could have a Cub Condo, then I would Smurf It Up!! :) )
    —Smexii Chick

  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    It looks CUTE i would get it if I didn’t have a LOG HOUSE):

  • ValHoops

    XDXDXD. I dig that mushroomy house:3.

  • ZacharieSummer

    I kinda want it but I kinda don’t…

  • brooklynn

    cooool plaes:p

  • http://buildabearville buckledown

    I bought a mushroom house and don’t know how 2 change the color. Its brown :( Help!

  • holly


  • http://att lily

    yakk not my stayl and i love my stayl

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