2011Aug 08

Visit BuildABear Workshop for the What to Wear Booklet!

by Justin · 51 comments

Forum member babvcrazy let us know that paying a visit to your local BuildABear Workshop can pay off big!  When you’re there, be sure to pick up a copy of the latest What to Wear booklet.


Each one of these booklets contains a virtual code on the back that will earn you a free virtual couch.  Check it out!

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  • http://bearville fatima

    i want a code

  • cici

    I have 16 of the codes. wich one would you like, they ARE ALL THE SAME…. SO i GUESS that it does not matter to you as for what code you get.

    • bunnybearycute100

      i want one ! my buildabear name is bunnybearycute100

    • Verdesandy

      Is it a universal code?

      • cici

        what do you mean by that, lol.

        • http://www.verdesandy.wordpress.com Verdesandy

          A universal code is one that everyone can enter and it still work, for example:
          At the top of this webpage, there is the red bar that says Home, Forum, Codes, Guides, and Secret Areas. If you click on Codes, it will give you a lust of codes and what you get from the code. Those are universal codes because 1 code can work for millions of people.

          • cici

            No it is not but I went to my local build a bear workshop today and they pleasurly gave me 152 of them (the manager is my aunt).

    • http://www.facebook.com giselle

      i’ll give you my virtual ride for it it is worth 1,000 coins add me as a friend giselle adorable422

      • http://www.facebook.com giselle

        acually it is worth 10,000 bear bills

    • hannah

      I WANT IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • michaela

      i would like one :D

  • http://www.webkinz.com Cassssssidy

    what is the code!?

  • cici

    yes the code…. if you want the code please just tell me the first letter that Iam thinking of (its between 1 and 27 1/2). If you get it right then I will give YOU and your LUCKY friends all of my codes.

    It is 6 + 27 – 18- 2 +64 – 67 ====10 but is that the number or is that not the lucky number?????????????????

    • http://buildabearville Maddy

      is it any number between them?

    • Ashley


    • Brit


  • cici

    yes the code…. if you want the code please just tell me the first letter that Iam thinking of (its between 1 and 27 1/2). If you get it right then I will give YOU and your LUCKY friends all of my codes.

    It is 6 + 27 – 18- 2 +64 – 67 ====10 but is that the number or is that not the lucky number????????????????

  • kittypawfect91

    it = 10 i worked the hole thing out it = ten , do we get the code now?

    • http://www.webkinz.com Cassssssidy

      the number is 10 just please give us the codes

  • http://bearville.com May

    The number is ten can I please have a code

  • Bella

    Hi, I would really like a code! Never have had a code on my accont, it would be a great experiance! Thanks, please can i have one? :)

  • http://gmail.com Abby

    i would like a code please ive never had a code please all do anything please please please please!!!!!!!

    • cici

      I will give you 2 codes and all you have to do is give me a pink tulle outfit aND a blue tull outfit from the bearville outfitters store, you may send then to Justinawesome533, thank you.

  • brook

    the number is 15

  • cici

    fine last question, what is 7+15-21=????

  • cici

    and the code starts with a 2 and ends with a Y

  • cici


  • cici

    so what other codes would you like, I can get anything or anyone that you want – the rest of the code for your build a bear workshop ipod/ipad/iphone app is:: well the whole thing is (just incase you do not have the app you can still have/use the same/whole code lol.) RBN5-ZV4Q-M835


    • HeidyBear20

      stuffing machine PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cici

        what about a stuffing machine please????

    • HeidyBear20

      it worked! got an AWESOME guitar!

    • http://buildabearville abby

      hi well don tu think that the rides are boring i do they should have vampire ride

      if u want to be friend in buildabearville heres my name


  • http://Aol.com Caitlyn

    I don’t get it why does everyone want codes? Also if ur a Build-a-bear app user u can get a free online iPhone move at Bearville.com

  • http://bearville.com May

    How come its taking us so long to find this code just tell us please! !

  • cici


    • michaela

      doesn’t work…thanks

  • HeidyBear20

    you said cici that you would get us any code. so what is it?

  • cici

    lol Omg!!!! you thought that I was serious???? :( I was joking I can get you any code that you wAnt that “I” HAVE!!!! try again, Didi the other code work for you????

    • HeidyBear20

      yes, the guitar one worked fine, please don’t say you’ll do something and then you don’t follow through, that is called LYING!

  • cici


  • http://buildabearville abby

    i m sad my thing is abbysoccerbear400 in buildabearville

    • cici


  • http://buildabearville holly

    just testing

  • http://buildabearville holly

    hi hi anyone wanna chat?????

  • cici

    No way hose-A

  • cici97


  • punkytara

    This Question is for babvcrazy. Do you have a bear head water slide?? if you do would you be wanting to trade it??? I will give 2000$ and a DS for on bearville. If you get this message, please respond. But to anyone who may have a bear head water slide, same to you! Thank you for your time! Punkytara ;)

  • caroline

    hi i really want a build a bear code so does anyone have a build a bear and knows the code for their build a bear please leave a comment if u do and thanks x

  • http://bearvilleinsider.com jenna

    is it 948s-o194-6fwu

  • lololz

    Cici is lying she does not have the code she just wants to be crowded and popular if she she always sais she has the codes wehn they come out but she does not give em she thinks she is popular and kewl cuz she is lying even i know that becuz im 9

  • Isabella


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