2011Sep 06

Visit ChloeRocks for a September Gift!

by Wendy · 17 comments

Thank you to forum member hailisnowflake4 for letting us know that ChloeRocks new gift for September is now available!  It’s a pink cowbell that you can wear around your neck.  It is similar to the black one that was previously available through a code.  Make sure to pick yours up some time this month.

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  5. ChloeRocks Gift
  • HeidyBear20

    where do you get it?

  • powerpuffgirls

    Where do you get it?

    • http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/member.php?u=21157 Abbyalohabear

      You have to find Chloe rocks then you get it.

      • HeidyBear20

        ugh! never found her, only maxine

        • powerpuffgirls

          where do you find her?

        • katiekicks109

          where did you fined maxine

      • http://beaARVILLE catherine silva

        but when does she come

  • http://bearvilleinsidercheats maggie

    where is she usily at

  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    there usually is a picture of here at a den. I saw it but the den was full ):

    • http://fb kimhamluver

      same problem with me den should really not hav a limit

  • elainecheer13

    I never manage to find anyone including Maxine.

  • Emily

    How do you possibly find Chloe Rocks? What servers and times is she most likely to come on?

  • http://Facebook Laila

    D a bear Hi my name is Laila and i’m having a hard time going to buil a bear ville please write back bye.

  • katiebanana1020

    Hey. I am on Bearville right now and I will be on on Sat. around lunch time maybe. I will be willing to trade the cow bell for a rihnestone bow or another rare item. I am Katiebanana1020 and will wait in the first den at the friendship place!

  • http://Bearviile Cathleenadventure168

    Where did you get that in pink???

    • katiebanana1020

      got it from the neighborhood.

  • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

    Guys you need to go to the den where chloe is on when she is on….. It happens rare… i got it! I can trade it BUT thats how you get it! :)

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