2011Jul 01

Waterfall Mountain and Geysers Galore!

by Justin · 17 comments

The most recent Bearville update brought us lots of new surprises, including a brand new Waterfall Mountain.  If you venture to the top of the mountain and click on the little telescope, you can see fireworks just in time for Independence Day!  Make sure to visit Waterfall Lake and click on the water geyser.  When you do, your character will go for a little ride as shown in the photo below:

There is also a brand new working water geyser available for purchase in the Bear Stuff store for 500 bear bills if you’d like one for your Cub Condo!

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  • Jenn

    I have over 9500 bear bills and the geyser is 500 and it says I cannot afford it.

    • LakeVanilla

      That seems a little mysterious. You should try to make more money and then try to buy it. Or, if that doesn’t work, try buying something that has an equal price. See if it says you can’t buy it. AND, you probably should email Bearville help staff.

    • JacAries18

      That is what happened to me too.

    • Fiona

      Well I could afford it! what!!?? seriously? OH>

  • TateKnight

    I have 1200 and I was able to buy it. :) Ha ha, I didn’t really want to though.

  • http://www.bearville.com DaisyBearPaw429

    I think thats gonna happen to me… Should I think that?

  • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

    i have that thingg

  • http://bearville.com princess kitten

    hey whats all the chit chat about?

  • Jadelyn2hip32

    Hahaha i bought like 23 of these

  • http://bearville.com justin bieber

    i have 1 n its cool come to my condo my is miranda2hip2116

  • arianna jenison

    justin bieber are you a boy!!!!!!!!!

  • http://what? Maddie

    Hmmm sounds awesome

  • maddiepurrfect10

    I have it and it realy works! I could not of got it if I was not looking at bearville insider. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaela

    where is waterfall lake?

  • Hailejl

    where is guyser

  • VanessaBEARY

    Where is that?

  • VanessaBEARY

    NVM i went to waterfall lake but where is the geyser

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