2011Dec 23

Winners of the Bearville Insider Holiday Contest Announced!

by Wendy · 27 comments

As many of you are aware, the management here at BI is giving away close to $200 in prizes to celebrate the holiday season.  We had many wonderful contest entries and we are pleased to announce the winners of the fantastic prizes! 

The Grand Prize winner of the Founders Choice award is SashaPawfect7.  She will receive a 1 Year VIB membership worth $40!  Her winning entry is shown below:

In addition, several other winners were selected as part of a random drawing from all entrants.  Here are the results:

Winners of $15 in BVO credits (4):

MistyBubbles52   SnowCrystal   KaiHoneyDew   tigerhappy26

Winners of a BuildABear Nintendo DS or Wii Game (2):

anitacocoa   mickeyquack

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners!  All of the awesome entries can be viewed HERE in the contest forum.  Happy Holidays from Bearville Insider!

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  • emily

    Congrats to all of u guys!

  • Ericareyes47

    i dont like the hello kitty because you lose the bow to fast ! im sayiing because my dad broght me one and at heb i lost it so thats why

  • Anonymous

    Good! :) How do you get to do the contest though? :O

  • http://twitter.com/ashleybravooo Ashley loves cody


  • Jules0


    • SashaPawfect7 (Alyson)

      Ur just jealous :) hahahaha I luv my haters!!

      • Thianna

        I agree there jealous.I think you deserve to win and i like your decorations.

    • Thianna

      Do really have a problem with that?Its her house and you should mind your business.Oh and i have a question….Why do you don’t know how to show respect?

    • Thianna

      You are just jealous you just do that to make the winners feel bad.Well i bet you wouldn’t like it if i said that i didn’t like your house.

  • Jules0


    • Thianna

      I like her house.First of all you should maybe learn respect and zipp it.

      • Thianna

        I like her house and there is nothing wrong with it.So zipp it Juleso.

  • Jules0


    • Thianna

      Don’t you know how to be nice…i guess you don’t.

      • Thianna

        Do you know respect?

  • SashaPawfect7 (Alyson)

    Thank you guys so much :) and yes- this is the real SashaPawfect7. I haven’t had anytime to say thank-you. So now I am :)

  • JULES0


  • SnowCrystal

    All of the entries were wonderful!

    Thank you for picking me to win $15 BVO credits!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Thianna

    I like her decorations.I think it is nice.

  • Thianathicko

    HI im tiannathicko

  • Thiannathicko

    omg what am i saying that is bad im wrong

  • Maxineclark

    i am a bearville team member stop being rude thianna to juleso jueso u take no notice of what she is saying

  • Thinannathicko

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im goin off im scared i am a thicko

  • Lauryngirlsrock

    first thianna thicko you need to spell properly and you zip it

  • Thianna

    actualley i was telling lies i dont like this house its horrible i dont like it

  • Thianna

    im very bad at decorating come to my house nancy luv bug 19

  • Lauryn

    hey jules0 u no that thianna thicko is a pig and her house is babyish and horrible

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