2012Apr 10

Be Sure to Enter the Furbulous Fashion Design Contest Sponsored by Build A Bear Workshop!

by Wendy · 29 comments

Build A Bear is bringing us a fantastic “Furbulous Fashion Design Contest” that runs from April 9 through May 3, 2012.  The purpose of the contest is to create some new outfits for Pawlette and Bearemy.  Entrants must be between the ages of 5 and 15.  

Two Grand Prizes will be awarded, consisiting of:

  1. A $5,000 Scholarship
  2. A 4 day, 3 night trip to NYC for the Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3. A furry friend sized version of your design
  4. A $50 Bear Bucks card

Twelve second place prizes will be awarded, consisting of:

  1. A $50 Bear Bucks card

Forty-eight third place prizes will be awarded, consisting of:

  1. A $25 Bear Bucks card

We’d love to see a Bearville Insider member win!  If you win the trip to NYC, you might even be able to meet the Bearville Insider creator, Justin! 

The entry form can be found HERE or you may also visit any Build A Bear Workshop store to enter.  No purchase necessary!

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  • Randi (CarlyFriendsRock)

    I’m entering! :D

    • Giqi Jimenez

      Meeehhh 2 ;D

  • Mildred(Roseluvu)

    I’m about to scream right now- The prizes are furbulous! xD

    I’m entering. ;D

  • gabby rocks

    hey im my own size cant mess with me

    • Thianna


    • Thianna


  • :))

    iz diz avaylibul 4 da uk???????/////

  • ChristyAdventureBear382

    Yay soo excited the prizes are really cool i agree! :D Can’t wait I’m entering!!! :D ;D

  • ChristyAdventureBear382

    Add me My username is ChristyAdventureBear382


    Yay omg this Is AWSOME but can’t enter:(

  • Iluvyou

    how do we enter?

  • Laurangirlsrock11

    hi guys there is a party at my house in bearville u have 2 get there by 12 o clock tomorrow meet me at neighbourhood wear whatever u want it goes on for 20 mins if u want it 2 be longer then ask

    • Abby

      What server

      • Laurangirlsrock11

        butterfly house tell me when u r able 2 come and we can have the party den

  • Meganium-Connie


    I’m entering.

  • Ally

    Hey guys it’s me ally and guess what?????? It’s maxines birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! So thats pretty much it ……….. Oh and I need a boyfriend so add me and ask me and you have to be cute with hair like miguelsunhines hair and I’d like if u had a bear I’m cloeysweet29:):):):):):

    • Jamiefootball

      it wont let me add u

  • the WINNER

    i feel sorry for you guys BECOUSE I AM GOING TO WIN HAHA

    • Nice girl

      Watch what you say because sometimes the person who says they are going to win end up losing so really if you have nothing nice to say just keep it to yourself because everyone has a chance of winning so STOP MAKING PEOPLE FEEL BAD ABOUT THEMSELVES!And stop bragging because braggers are losers!

    • Fashionista

      And how would you feel if someone was bragging saying”Oh oh my gosh I’m going to win but not you”how would you feel because really when people brag it makes me so mad but I just ignore them because really what braggers are saying is non sense ok so top making people feel bad about themselves because what your saying is so disrespectful and is bragging.And you are the first person I’m speaking my mind to so good luck with that and really people who brag don’t get friends ok and instead of feeling bad for other people you should feel bad for yourself because when people brag it gets so annoying!Ok so really next time don’t brag because you might just loose friends because people that try there best are winners and people that brag are well not to be rude but are losers!

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  • Juliekatem

    Hope I win :)

  • Ollieiscola

    i do not know what to do ??????

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    I’m entering

  • Juliekatem

    My design is being entered TODAY! Really excited, and my sister has already sent in hers. If you want to add me, here’s my username:
    I’m Bearville famous and I really am hoping for my sister to be also. If you want to add me and it won’t let you, it’s probably because I already have over 200 friends. Just reply to this comment with your username. My sister’s username is:
    ‘Kay, thanks, bye! <3

  • Starla

    how do you see the winners?

  • Crystalcuddles1236

    heyyyyy……………when are the winners announnced?
    I am Crystalcuddles1236

  • kimberly

    how do ya enter?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimberly

    i need to know how to enter!
    ppppllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseeee telll me!!!!!!!!!!!

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