2012Jan 20

BuildABear Minis Returning to McDonalds in February!

by Wendy · 32 comments

Build A Bear has announced that Build A Bear “Minis” will be returning to McDonald’s Happy Meals starting in February.  The toys come with a code to be used in Bearville and were a hit last time they were offered.  Thanks to MeghanMusicLuvr28 for passing this information along to us!  Remember that McDonalds also offers healthy meal choices in those Happy Meals too!

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  • Ninjagirl99

    they are sooooooooooooo adorable! i want one!!!!!

  • Tiediepenguin

    yessss!!!!! what do you do with the codes?

  • Adri

    You can get bears with them bears ingame that is.

  • lissaloveable31

    all world round?

  • Shannonlucky66

    Hm,interesting will mcdonalds have those minis in Lithuania mcdonals? Because in Lithuania doesnt have buildabear :(


    When do they return?

  • Sealkea

    Super Cute!
    Can’t wait (;

  • Isabella

    hi i want to know will they have the mine buildabears in birminham

  • Isabella

    do they come in birmiaham mac donnals

  • Defne Eran

    do they come in Turkey,Istanbul?

  • Aleksandra

    Are they availible in London?

  • Pinkcupcakes

    can you get them is australia

  • rachael4leafclover532

    can you get them in Scotland?I REALLY want one of them

  • Ashleyc367

    can’t wait so exited:) HAPPY MEAL HERE I COME^_^

  • Maddiepurrfect10

    can’t wait! its… AWESOME!!!!!

  • Latina

    i can’t wait

  • Touko the Pokemon Trainer

    I would love to get one, but I don’t eat at McDonald’s. Something in the way they cook the food makes me sick. :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003313021859 Ludmyla Diaz

    im dont go to mcdonalds that much but just for this i am like a lot now, lol. i’ll be like their #1 customer where i am. xD

  • Areally_cutegirl5

    does this also apply to hawaii and alaska? I live in hawaii and i love buildabear… i’d be going every week if it does come.

  • JirachisWishingStar

    They only do them in America and Canada D=. London never gets anything

  • Frankiefleischer

    where do you get 2012 mcdonalds codes from!!!!

  • Kchan

    are they still at mcdonalds

    • IloveJB

      I think so but you better hurry. :) :)

      • Kchan

        i went to mcdonalds and i got the marble heart monkey.

  • Jennypenny

    Go to Mcdonalds and get a happy meal!!! Super awsome toy(or should I say bear!) One time at mcdonalds, they have a Justin Bieber toy…It was really cool and if you pushed his back he sang “Baby”.

  • Bellagirl

    yeah girl…I understand and I’m wondering the same thing :)

  • Lauryn

    have ugot a code for them i lost my 1

  • HalleyTouchdown1 (Katy)

    I have two and they are adorable! One is the Peace and Sweetheart Bear and one is A Pink bear with white hearts.

  • Solisjamie@yahoo.com

    are they still there?

  • Almita2002

    Where is the code ?

  • Angela Umana

    i love thoses mini bears! ^^

  • Jamiefootball

    i got all of them

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