2012Jun 28

Camp Happy Heart is Coming Soon!

by Wendy · 44 comments

It’s that time of year again for all of you Bearville fans….Camp Happy Heart will be opening on July 1st!  There’s a banner up in Town Square.  Camp Happy Heart is always a fun, competitive time for Bearville Insider members.  This year there will be four teams:  Team ChloeRocks, Team GreenTracks, Team MiguelSunshine and Team AbbieBright.  There will also be a new quest available and other fun activities.  Be sure to check it out!

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  • cat_valentine(not real)_:D

    how do I sign up for it?

  • Linabi777

    hey all,
    I have three extra furry friend codes that I honestly don’t want.. if anyone wants them email me at linabi777@gmail.com
    The first three emails I recieve get them (Just to be fair)

  • Lorenablue8

    That’s really cool (;
    I wanna be in Team ChloeRocks !

    • Lauran

      yeah it is so what team r u on

  • Wuzzy711

    the registration is not working :/

  • Cloeys

    hi, the registration is NOT working i don’t have a tee or IDK what team i’m on help me

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.ellison.75 Teresa Ellison

    Go Team Abbie Bright and Green Tracks! :)

  • Hothead

    i got team MiguelSunshine and I’m not happy about it. First, I wanted to be on GreenTracks, and second, I don’t like the fact that the team I’m on is in last place while the team I wanted is in first ;(. WHY!?!?!

  • Lauryn

    i got team chloe i am soooo happy

  • Lauryn

    right everyone on chloes team we need a rhyme any suggestions here what i got the first line go go chloe rocks your whole team thinks you rock we need some more keep working people

  • emilycheer516

    whoohoo l-o-v-e camp happy heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emilycheer516

    go abbiebright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  • abbie

    I was waiting for camp happy heart all june! Now it’s here! It’s my first year i bearville so, I wanted to check camp out to see what it’s like. It’s great so far, but some of the challenges are a little challenging. Camp is like. . . it’s exiting! ! More stuff that’s fun is the brand new games that i played. . .i played them all on the day camp started! ! ! That’s because i was EXITED! ! ! The first day of camp was really fun and exiting. The first day of camp had. . . VERY COOL STUFF! ! ! ! That day was the dat i’ll remember forever. . . july 1st my first year of bearville.

    • sweetsixteenforeverfifteen

      cool! your going to love bearville! it’s the best virtual world for kids! :)

  • abbie

    camp is GREAT for first time!

  • Garrett

    i got a100 year bear girl skowt bear!!!

    • KnitWit

      Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tt Shaila

    Go team abbybright!

  • Paigephillips937


  • Sophie Saunders123

    I’m on Team Abbiebright xD
    Good luck to the other teams :D !

  • salsa

    bla bla bla what evs

  • AJVolleyball7

    Go green tracks! woo!!!

    • Chloe

      good luck to chloe and greentracks team

  • Chloe Rocks

    good luck team miguiel from chloe rocks

  • Chloe

    Hey guys sorry i cant get much time to talk to u since CHH its me Chloe Rocks i really cant wait to see who wins chh

    • DmassARS

      i’m on abbiebright’s team:)

      • Chloe

        oh thats brilliant good luck

      • Chloe

        here is a gift cheat go 2 sportsplex and click d panda

        • Lauren Infinity

          Chloe doesn’t give cheats

  • Lauryn

    OMG hi chloerocks when is ur show gonna be on again

  • Chloe

    i am still thinking maybe the winner of chh team leader greentracks or one of my team members who score the most points so keep up the work from Chloe Rocks bye

  • Chloe

    any1 need help with quests

  • Chloe

    here is a gift cheat go 2 sportsplex and click d panda

  • Chloe

    i will be bak next week with new cheats c u

  • Chloe

    anyone who needs help with the hello kitty quest or sid and scrat let me know

  • Chloe

    remember my gift cheat below

  • AdelaideLibra8

    Camp Happy Heart, was so fun, I won in 2012′s camp happy heart, I hope we have a better camp next year!

  • Theresabutterfly9

    okay, so i’m on team green tracks (2012 camp) and i was wondering if team green tracks won? thanks tb9

    • Chloe

      yes your team won go to ur bearmail and u have a message with a gift

  • Colleen HappyHugs4

    Camp HappyHeart was so fun!!!! Me and my twin sister were both Team Abbiebright.
    Colleen HappyHugs4



  • julianapainter

    Hey everyone.. I have 3 extra furry friend code that I don’t need anymore.. if any of you guys want them email me at: linabi777@gmail.com
    HURRY UP though.. the first three to email me get the codes(: (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/tina.rodriguez.146 Tina Turner

    does anyone know how to get to waterfall mountain? I am posting this Jan. 2013. I clicked on ” join a friend” and they were there. But I can’t find it on a map. Can someone PLEASE help me, I would be so happy if so. Thx everyone!



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