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Check out the May 2012 Gifts from Maxine, Miguel, Chloe and Greentracks!

by Wendy · 5 comments

Special thanks to forum member awesomechic for passing along the information on the gifts available this month (May 2012) from Maxine, Miguel, Chloe and Greentracks in Bearville!  Find each of them to receive a cute sun hat.  Maxine is giving out the red hat, Miguel the blue hat, Greentracks the green hat and Chloe the yellow hat.  Keep an eye on the Bearville Insider forum for sightings of these characters in game!

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  • RememberMeFallenLeaf

    Did you just say Parseltoungue? I know nothing of you language, looks like Spanishio XD

  • LoveyDoveyRememberMeFallenLeaf

    betta be good parseltoungue, potter 50 points taken away from gryffindor (imitates Severus’s voice) XD (doors creak open to see Albus standing there) Excuse me Severus? No one dares take away any points from gryffindor for nothing freak better run back to your very hairy mommy Sevy now no one go against my words! (copies albus’s thundering voice yelling at Sevy) (Sevy screams in terror) SLYTHERIN, ATTACK ALBUS! (Snape’s voice crackles in dungeon) Protego! (shouts Albus) (all Slytherins crash into force field XD) You should’ve seen the look on Draco’s face, potter. HEAL THE SLYTHERINS POTTER!!!! (Snape shouts at Harry)

  • Hi


  • Hiii

    who are they

  • Gkgkerklfglgf34

    loveyLoveyDoveyRememberMeFallenLeaf Uhhhh I didn’t get any of your comment. But HP is awesome!!!!

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