2012May 07

Don’t Forget..Free items at the University this week!

by Wendy · 2 comments

Don’t forget to swing by the University soon to pick up your Class of 2012 Cele-BEAR-ation gift.  It’s a graduation emoticon and it’s only available for a limited time!  When you enter the university you will automatically receive the reward. 

Also, Tuesday, May 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Visit the University and click on the chair to get a free package of Apple seeds.  Note: The Bearville Times mistakenly listed the date as May 3rd, but it is actually May 8th.

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  • Noobinator

    They’ve updated the Bearville Times May 2 issue. Check it out! =)

  • Mcstephens1203

    this is old.

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