2012Mar 13

Ever Wondered About Those Tropical Bears?

by Wendy · 8 comments

If you’ve ever noticed the cute little Tropical Bears roaming around Bearville, you may have wondered where they can be purchased.  Thanks to forum member sarabeth2hip24 for starting the conversation to help solve the mystery.  The bear shown below is called the Tropical Bear and it can be found in several warm climate vacation destinations.  Reported spottings include Myrtle Beach, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The location the bear is purchased at is stitched on its foot, though all bears look the same in Bearville.  Here is a photo of the Tropical Bear.  If you’re lucky enough to bask in the warm weather over Spring Break, make sure to look for one of these!

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  • Lauryngirlsrock

    is it in UK and ireland and is it in bearville

  • Gabrielle23rocks


  • Acchris71

    so cute bunny

  • amy

    HEY i want one too it rocks omg lol my build a bear is named kaden and he likes my home his birth day is on march 26,2o12 i got him on my b-day lol joking hey we can be friends lol thanks but we can get them hooked up together happy easter to her tell her i said that friend or shouldi say girl friend lol hope you like me

  • Cc123school

    OMG!!!! Want One!!!

  • Thianna

    Thats a cute bear.

  • Meggy

    it gives green glasses with palm trees on the side right? anyone trading it?

  • Sommer Heels

    lush xx xx

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