2012Mar 06

Happy Birthday Maxine! Visit her Cub Condo for a Free Gift!

by Wendy · 9 comments

Today’s is Maxine’s birthday!  The staff and members here at Bearville Insider would like to wish her a great day and thank her once again for bringing us BuildaBear and Bearville.  The Fountain is free play all day today.  Also, if you visit Maxine’s Cub Condo today you will receive a free party hat!  We sent her an email to wish her a happy birthday and Maxine responded by saying, “THANK YOU SO BEARY MUCH!”

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  • Jaydenblu52

    happy birth day

  • BennyBeagle

    That’s sweet! I have a question, I registered on here, but my mom says there’s no confirmation email. Is that normal?

    • BennyBeagle

      Never mind, it was in her spam.

  • AJVolleyball7

    happy birthday maxine

  • Atearley


  • amy

    no you can put in my email only if i can give it to you i hope who are you

  • amy

    happy b-day maxine

  • amy


    We dont know each other but would u want my number?

  • Theresabutterfly9

    it said i’d get a piece of cake; but i didn’t!

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