2012Jan 12

Jr Cybearguide Convention 2012 Has Begun!

by Wendy · 64 comments

The 2012 Jr Cybearguide convention is now underway in Bearville, so if you are a Jr Cybearguide make sure to check out the action.  All Jr Cybearguides will receive information about the convention as they log in.  They will be directed to the Pawforming Arts Center as shown below.  As you can see, participants have the option of picking up a yummy star cookie treat, earning a new star hoodie and completing a new quest.  It’s a fantastic event to reward the volunteer Jr Cybearguides for their extra help during the year! 

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  • Ddime2090

    I am MadisonBear1109 and I’ve been going to the convention everyday!

  • Gabyprincess111

    where can i find the stars? i need help with the quest D:

  • Rmfm

    need help with the stars too

  • Guest



    • AJvolleyball7

      play bears and pairs, and backstage game at arts center

    • estherbearycoool7

      ones at the town square

  • zoeyadventure19139

    ok for everyone the quest is different!

  • Catherine2hip1214

    i found all the stars. they are hidden around bearville and even in the games so look out for them. the prize is some fireworks. you get to choose their colour too :)
    hope i helped.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TLWKMRYQDD2MIWG34XDDT5G2OI Trien


    • TimothyKnight6

      I found them in part two in game and cant get rest… how did you get through part 2??

  • Fluffy123

    Are you guy’s even from Bearville Insider?

    • AJVolleyball7

      It seems like you aren’t.

  • lily123

    were are the stars i am really crying :-( and if your mean i will be mean back ¬_¬

    • Fluffy123

      I love how your crying over something virtual. lol

      • AJVolleyball7

        And I love how your being MEAN over virtual stuff.

    • hisaidthepie

      the stars are in differnt places for everyone.

  • lilyrezzyuana

    um i got the firework from part 1 and were is it kept i cant find it in “my stuuf ” or “furniture” or in move and food! plz tell me and i will doanything for you :(

  • Catherine2Hip1214

    Ok the fireworks are kept in furniture lilyrezzyuana. hope i helped. reply to this.

  • Paige

    the stars are at the farm,furbulous fashion district and bear university :) they are not in any games

  • Paige

    and you get fireworks also you find the fireworks in your furniture:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003313021859 Ludmyla Diaz

    COOL <3 it :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003313021859 Ludmyla Diaz

    Stars: pawsitively green center, games (the pawforming arts game), and other place :} hope it helped!

  • UniqueMoonbeam12

    Anyone got to part 2 of quest yet? Not sure what suppose to do?

    • AJvolleyball7

      play random games and walk around bearville and find stars

  • Guest

    were are all the stars :) ))

  • Zmausa

    i think it is different for every one maybe

  • gabrielleflowerpower15

    i know rite for the part 2 i need hekp!!!!

  • koalalove5509

    in part 1 there is a star in bearville university

  • nychel ( aaliyahpawsonable2 )

    guys , the stars are in different places for everyone so STOP ASKING FOR HELP . Try not being lazy & do it yourself .

    • AJvolleyball7

      ok ok , but don’t have to be mean yourself :(

      • Fluffy123

        She isn’t being mean so get off your lazy virtual butt and start looking for them. -.-

        • Piggypoo1o1

          Hey your just joining in on the bullying, please stop- AJ was just telling her that how she phrased it was a bit rude.

          • nychel ( aaliyahpawsonable2 )

            nobody is being rude , you guys are just lazy and always ask for help , do it yourself

          • jennyadventurebear606

            Seriously guys it’s not nice to tell people what to do. Why don’t you do it yourselves? Hypocrites… Plus if I were you, I would stop being mean it’s known as cyber-bullying you know?

          • Fluffy123

            This is what people say;;
            “SOMEONE WRITE SOMETHING HELPFUL HERE”blah blah blah,its just like saying “I’M LAZY SO TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE AT!!”

          • Thianna

            Ok not to be mean but right now i’m realizing that you should just find it yourself.

          • Thianna

            Oh and i’m also realizing that you should find it yourself because when people keep finding stuff for you,you don’t learn anything at all and what about if you ask people to find something for you and they say no than what are you going to do and what my point is that you won’t learn anything.

          • Thianna

            And i acuaully think you are kind of starting to lazy so what we are all saying is that you should START FINDING IT YOURSELF!!!

          • AJVolleyball7

            Ok , you should just say “Don’t say that” Not like “you Lazy brat! Do it yourself” cuz that’s how you guys are saying it! Be nice for once?

          • Thianna

            Ok first of all who are you calling hyprocrites.oh and for your imforation you shouldn’t say that word because that is pretty
            rude because that is just a really mean word to say.And yes they could find it themselves.

          • AJvolleyball7

            If you don’t agree with it, then why are you even replying or posting a comment? huh?

        • Thianna

          Ok first of all you shouldn’t say lazy butt and you shouldn’t worry about what they say.

        • AJVolleyball

          You know you can say it nicely without being a rude person!

    • Thianna

      Yeah you don’t have to be mean and if your goin to say something mean Nychel you should mind you own business.

    • Thianna

      Just leave it!OMG

    • Lauryn

      u rw rong

  • Ae


  • Lily


  • AllyButterscotch28

    Tips to everyone on getting stars:
    Whenever you get about 100 bb on a game, you will get a star. That’s the easiest way of getting a star. Other than that, there are stars randomly placed and also, this quest has 3 parts I think. First part, you get fireworks for your cub condo, part 2 you get an animated top hat, part 3 you get a trophy. :)

    • Piggypoo1o1

      Thankyou! That helps a lot!

  • jennyadventurebear606

    I think the most common area where the stars are is Townsquare because I always see it there in every quest.

  • Hailiegemini2

    Sad its all Over. :( The Prize claw machine gave me a total of 6000 BB :) Please come back!

    • Uarass

      Hailie,there is a new one,lucky clam.You get the same thing as the machine,always the same,and 250 bearbills,and winter prizes,you can get everything. Its in the ocean,in the lighthouse.

  • lily


  • lily

    :) i love the firework

  • Lliy


  • http://twitter.com/ajbear21415 ajbear21415

    hi i am jr.cybearguides
    Jr Cybearguide Convention was good i like it

  • Hehq

    your bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002606305207 Kristen MsFab

    havent seeeen yet im new to jr. cyberguide i have ben oon hear since 2008 may 11

    • AJVolleyball7

      it was along time ago

  • Young

    Well,sad the machine claw has gone,but now we have the same thing :D LUCKY CLAIM,is the same thing as the claw machine,you get the prizes,always 250 bearbills,guys dont be sad.Theres still chance in getting rare items.I always get 250 bb,but once got something rare,a wand ocean blue :)

  • claricerainbow42

    once you get the “junior cybearguide virtual bear do you get to keep the bear???? i really need to know before i grow to close to the bear

  • EstherBearyCool7

    where are the stars i found them twice but i can’t seem to find them


    i need help finding all the stars

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