2012Jan 20

Jr Cybearguide Convention Continues…Keep Logging In!

by Wendy · 12 comments

Forum member Christmas let us know there are great incentives to continue checking out the Jr Cybearguide Convention.  All Jr Cybearguides who log in 10 days will recieve the Glowing Star Tee shown below.  Also, if you log in for 15 days you will receive a credit!  Also, Chloe has confirmed that the Claw Machine is giving out occasional rare items so be sure to take your turns on that game also.

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  • Shannon

    I got one just today!

  • Defne Eran

    this is cool

  • Thianna

    I’m a Jr.Cyberguide.

  • Guest

    when does it end???

  • Maddiepurrfect10

    its so cool!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    What is this place and WHERE IS WEBKINZ INSIDER????

  • http://www.facebook.com/kamile.dimgailaite Kamile Dimgailaite

    Too bad it passed away :( i didnt got nerdy glasses omg,sad babv :(

  • lupita


  • ColleenHappyHugs4

    The Jr. CybearGuide convention was so much fun!!!! I got all the prizes from the convention. My twin sister ( In real life not just in Bearville) is a Jr. CyBearGuide too and she LOVED the convention.

  • TwisterSnivy

    I saw a JrCybearGuide scooter from a few cybearguides in 2013 Jr Cybearguide conservation. Can you tell me how can you get it?

  • Confirmed LOL

    This years prize from the claw was selfish. I hope other prizes in next year will be RARER than ever.

  • Unitato

    when is the 2014 convention?

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