2012Feb 28

New Hair and Face Styles at the Bee Stylin’ Salon!

by Wendy · 6 comments

Thanks to several members of the Bearville Insider forum for pointing out a couple new hair and face styles that appeared in the Bee Stylin’ Salon over the weekend.  The hair style has a Celtic feel just in time for St. Patricks Day and the face has a cheerful, surprised look.  Check out the new styles below:


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  • Kthuiln

    Can you talk about the code where you can get an Umbrella move. You are like Mary Poppins and the code is Bt2M MK8K CD7R.

  • BennyBeagle

    Very cool.

  • Jamescindy62

    the code is expired!!!

  • Katsab

    i have the second hair do but i got it in purple purple rockz yea and also the code is expired but thats ok some codes are expired luv ya guys hope u have fun in beavile!

  • Theresabutterfly9

    turns out it’s not expired! it’s only available for VIBS!! rofl!

  • Theresaangel112

    cool i ordered a vib pass for a whole year and i love the move!

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