2012May 29

New Items Coming to Bearville Outfitters on June 1st!

by Wendy · 10 comments

As several of our forum members have been reporting, there are several new items coming to the Bearville Outfitters store on June 1st.  Rumored items include a new “home away from home”…the cruise ship cabin.  There will also be some new clothing in the form of a mermaid outfit and a scuba outfit, as well as a brand new submarine ride.  Thanks to Nate the Cybearguide for previewing the sub for us below.

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  • Hi

    i am gettin it

    • TheresaAngel112

      you are??? add me on BV i’m TheresaAngel112 :)

  • Vanessalovesu Aragon9

    me 2

  • cassidyangel338

    cool I LOVE the scuba outfit it matchs me so well!

  • GabriellaBlue250

    I Already Got That

  • abbie

    I got my beachfront home this june!

  • Heather Wong


  • Alexa C. Minaj

    that outfit scares me. O.o

  • sara

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    2:Log on to your penguin

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    4:If full go on to any server except the ones with Safe Chat.

    5:Type in the Chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN

    6:You will now achieve 1000,000 coins, 50 items from the treasure box, forever membership, and 5 rainbow puffles..

  • agentabze

    post this ten times on club penguin insiders and get

    1.unlimited membership

    2.10 gold puffles/rainbow

    3.all items on club penguin ever released

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