2012Jun 28

New Light Up Bears Available at BuildABear Workshop!

by Wendy · 28 comments

How fun is this?!?  Build A Bear Workshop is now selling bears that light up!  The first two bears that are now available online are the Hot Lights Bear (in gray, shown below) and the Twinkle Toes Bear (in white, shown below.)  Make sure to keep your eye out for these new bears in Bearville.  Do you think they will twinkle or light up in the online game?


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  • Gabille

    there at the waterfall lake by the boat pond


    The PSI are a pair of Skechers shoes for your avatar and a shirt that kind of glitters or twinkles. Really cool!

  • Linabi777

    hey all,
    I have three extra furry friend codes that I honestly don’t want.. if anyone wants them email me at linabi777@gmail.com
    The first three emails I revieve get them (Just to be fair)

    • Jo123

      I just email you I realy want the bear codes cause I can’t aford bears for my account right and new to the game please nice enough to give it to me thanks.

    • Darlene Caba

      okay i just sent it. Linabi777

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7IAGAK7FOPMJFYHQFG7RYSUL6M Amy

      can i have one plzzzz

  • emilycheer516

    they are so cute!!!!!!!!


    Hello, I have some build a bear trading cards that I don’t want. I used the bearville codes, but the cards are unused. If anyone would like them email me @ GROWCHEMOME@gmail.com I’ll give them to whomever contacts me first.

  • BrittaPink

    I think the Hot Lights bear is cuter than the Twinkle Toes bear.

  • Jedicaity

    The Hot lights Bear is adorable!

  • Precillagpalmdal

    look for them in build a bearville and you’ll get to take a quest for a cool item

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7IAGAK7FOPMJFYHQFG7RYSUL6M Amy

    i really want the shoes and shirt that comes with twinkle toes bear if anybody has it look for in bearville id: rosiebrown101

  • random binary


  • Callie

    i want a twinkle toes bear send me a pic of one plz

    • ReannaCooperScott

      Why are you asking ? Just use your commen sense , Uggghhh . Or probably just go to the local bear store and get a bear and take a picture of it.

  • Wannaknowstuff

    Twinkle toes bear is cute. But i really want matching clothes. Does anybody know if they have them? Thanks xx

    • Illtellu

      Well i wanted to know the same thing but didnt see anything in the Buildabear near me. Sorry if that helped

      • Illtellu

        I ment to say that if anybody else did wanna know there isnt, as far as i know anyway

  • DmassARS

    the twinkle toes looks cute. GIVE ME ONE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

  • Bm72754

    if you go to the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall Pa the do have them there

  • EllianaAngel45

    Hi guys do any of you have Working Waterslides from Camp Happy Heart 2011 you don’t want? If you do, trade with me. I’m EllianaAngel45 and I will give you any item or amount of bear bills you want for that waterslide. I’m always on Butterfly Garden in USA on Bearville. If you have a Working Waterslide please trade with me

  • EllianaAngel45

    Hi everyone I don’t need a Working Waterslide anymore I got one last weekend in a trade.

  • EllianaAngel45

    Ugh I forgot to end the comment with Sincerely, EllianaAngel45. It’s a respectful way to end a comment or letter.

  • RachelMusicBear68

    Love BABV

  • jenna

    Hey everyone.. I have 3 extra furry friend code that I don’t need anymore.. if any of you guys want them email me at: linabi777@gmail.com
    HURRY UP though.. the first three to email me get the codes(:

  • g

    whats the code for the peace sign bear

  • mckwnna

    i have them both and there names are twinkle and flame and yes there are matching clothes

  • natalieadventurebear944

    I have the twinkle toes bear I want the hot wheels bear too

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