2012Oct 01

October Means Halloween is Back in Bearville!

by Wendy · 18 comments

October has arrived and along with it comes the return of Halloween festivities to Bearville!  Pawlette is selling her costumes again and has the following styles available for purchase:  Spider, Mummy, Bird, Chicken, Medieval, Glitter Fairy, Ghost, Bumble Bee, Pointy Witch, Hero, Robot, Princess, Pirate, Cowboy and Ballerina. 

At the Lumbearyard, the Haunted House, Kooky Spooky Room and Kooky Spooky Den are all available.  There is also a cool Pumpkin Coach Ride available at Bearville Outfitters.  There is also a new seasonal weather available called “Raining Candy.”  Also, the Kooky Spooky Funhouse is open for business today.

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  • precious4leafclover310


  • precious4leafclover310

    i didn’t know you could get costumes thnx thnx thnx!

  • KalynHearts9


  • KyleeBearHugs115

    HI! KyleeBearHugs115 here! I am a glitter fairy! BTW(by the way) go to the gymnasium!There is a dance party called the sock hop going on there!It’s SUPER fun!!!!

  • emeraldgemfriend132

    i <3 bearvile its awesome(:fyi(for youre information)u can trick or treat on bearville

  • Sanya

    I think there is also a quest…. if u could post an article on how to get the things for the quest, that would be great!!! Thnx =P

  • i love kittens

    when you go to the hantuded house the quest is the maze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the bear!!!!

  • kieraangel304

    :) :LOL:

  • May


  • precious4leafclove310

    it November! cookie quest available i know the anwser’s

  • Shutup


    • jamieobeary45

      thank u!

  • hi

    hi i got a code it works TRY IT 2mbf-9zt9-r2kj

  • jamieobeary45


  • Lillybear2668

    Please for goodness sake update the website!!!

  • StefanBearHero10

    I don`t was in october but i wish i was….

  • Barbiebuttercup12

    The kooky spooky funhouse is open for business today? Ya right. People are mad that you cant go in.

  • Thianna Thicko

    Does anyone have lamb glasses for trade or rare stuff

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