2012May 09

The Bearville Farm is Open for Business!

by Wendy · 8 comments

As many of our avid Bearville Insider members may already be aware, the Farm opened a couple of days ago.  If you head over to the barn you will be awarded a small vegetable stand for your Cub Condo.  When you click on the cow you will receive a glass of milk too!  You can click on him daily.  The pig will give you truffles and he can be visited daily for a sweet treat.  The lamb is giving out wool sweaters the first time you click on it!  One of the most popular new features is the horse ride.  Click on the horse and go for a ride!  If you return within five minutes you will earn 100 bear bills and a horseshoe.  You can ride the horse once per day.  Thanks to forum member christmas for providing the attached photos of the new features!

If you head over to the Farmers Mini Market there are several types of seeds that can be purchased. The hydrangea has returned along with a new tulip seed, which can be harvested into a potted tulip plant.  Perfect for spring!   The tulips are pink and the pot is terracotta. They are also available for purchase at the city garden cart and the Lumbearyard.

At Bearville Outfitters the new tractor ride has arrived and costs 5 credits.   There are also carousel pigs and cows in the furniture section now.  In the clothing section, Farmers Market overalls and a Farmers Market tee shirt are available for both you and your furry friend.   At Pawlette’s Coufur there is a new wicker basket in addition to a pig purse.  There are also farm shirts, farm dresses and farming overalls!  Make sure to check it out and get your farm on!

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  • XD

    You forgot to add the farming shirt picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lizzy-Darling/100000451181573 Lizzy Darling

    Where do you get a horse?

    • Dudez44

      It’s gone fucker..

  • um……………

    um………………….. IDK how to get it??!!

  • IanIMsweet3

    I haven’t been on in a while, but when I went inside the animals weren’t there, and I also didn’t get a vegetable stand when I went in.

  • Heidiwhipple48

    i got all of it love it

  • lily loves minecraft

    where is the farm!?

  • g

    actualy the farming overalls at pawlette coufer boutique

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