2013Jan 10

New Disney Princess Bears and Outfits Available Online and in Stores!

by Wendy · 11 comments

Build a Bear Workshop has released the highly anticipated Disney Princess Bear line.  The bears are now available for purchase online and in stores.  Whether you prefer Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, you can purchase those and many more now.  There are also several new outfits available as well.  The bears retail from $23-61 USD depending on the style you select.  Which one is on your “must have” list?

Cinderella Happy Hugs Teddy



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  • sara

    sooooooo cute anyone no were the hello kitty quest stuff is at i gots to know;p

    • Paddingtona

      The Hello Kitty is at Bear University, The quest guide is also on here=)

  • nikki

    for the hello kitty quest does anyone know were the hearts are B-]

    • mary4leafclover

      pawforming arts (outside)
      bee stylin salon
      bear university
      public city garden

  • lillybear2668

    Hey why did you guys stop posting all of the quests and all of the current events on here?

  • koko

    hey do u guys know were the tiarias r i cant find hem????!!!!!!!

  • grace2btrue

    yayayayayyayayayay ilove you build-a-bear! can’t wait to get one!!!!!!!!1

  • ydgweyf

    jbhz vgsydvgyusdgdsgdbhyvbdsgvhgdsvgsdxbchjydchdschdcdcdgchchsdchgsdyh

    • ReannaCooperScott

      LOL, You can’t even type anything on a single Keyboard?

  • mckwnna


  • ajfashionbear93

    Yea… where do u fin d thm

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