2011Jul 12

Calling All Insiders! $10,000 Insider Giveaway, We Need Your Help!


It appears that we’ve won!!

  • PierceBlue2

    What if I don’t have a WI account?
    What would my Last name be? o.o

    • Justin

      Good point. Fixed! :)

  • Summer

    I am joining ;D

  • BKawaii

    This is really cool! I’m deffinetly going to try and join ASAP =)

    As for the prizes, something really nice for BearvilleInsider members, would be to get custom made Bear size Tee-shirts, with the BI logo on them (also good for advertising) and have a contest where you give the teeshirts to about 100 winners!
    Then if people ever take their buildabears out of the house with those teeshirts on, they will advertise for you guys!
    I take my buildabears everywhere with me, and I would love to put a BI teeshirt on them!!!

  • StarrBalletBear

    Woop! Best of luck to everyone . I’m sure we can do it. Especially with the other Insider sites at our side. :)

  • http://BI AngelAllHeart1556

    This is awesumm!!
    Although im not that age yet im gonna ask my sister to help!!(:

  • http://BI AngelAllHeart1556

    Also, i have a question.

    When you say we could win stuff like ipad 2 or ipod touch or nintendo wii do you mean you would like send it to our email addresses or something?

  • Snewdles

    I hope we can win ! (:

  • http://BI AngelAllHeart1556

    *by email addresses i meant addresses

  • BettyBeach13

    I sure want to do this!

  • Zoey2Hip24522

    My mom said I can’t go on that website we have to join.

    Can we still win prizes if we don’t join the website?

  • Lautnerbieberlover

    I joined (:

  • BriniGirl

    We’re winning!! :)

  • Mistybear61

    We better win! We’re in the lead so far but the Gleeks aren’t far behind.

    I think it would be cool if we could win iPad’s, Toshiba Folio 100′s, iPod Touches, Blackberrys and that kinda thing. I know that seems far-fetched but THAT would be a cool prize. And maybe give out several of them like in one competition 5 winners or something so it’s pretty fair.

    Great competition :)


  • ZoeAries7

    1. will we all get prizes?
    2. if you don’t join, do you still get prize?
    3. will you be able to ship the prizes to the UK?

  • http://none krissyzoom22

    how do u eneter to win the prizes ?

  • BriannaBallet

    I joined!!!(:
    let’s win this Insiders!

  • AmyWinter21

    Let’s win this thing! xD

  • Angel

    oh no we loosing!!
    come on everybody we gotta get atleast 100 more to win!!!!!

  • emmie

    should i sign up to do it?!?

    • Serenastar2

      YES! Yes you should. :)

  • http://deleted sonnyyourock104

    does everyone get a prize

  • elmo12345

    we will win

  • AbbiCuddles19

    It looks as though I’ve missed this! I’m sure this contest was great though, and it’s awesome that we’ve won! :)

  • Sophietwilight


  • Ekatarina