2011May 19

All of our previous codes have expired.  Stay tuned for more in the future! 

  • aaronfastpaws149

    it works!!!!!

  • Abigaile


  • Jennabearsrock569

    those are old codes they dont work DUH i know a code to get 1,00000 bear bills and one to get 5 bear credits i know cuz i used them !!!!!! the code for 1,00000 bear bills is 556-156D-FH59 and the othe can only be used once and so as the bear bills one but theres anothe rare code that i will find promise i wont use it !!!!! :D

  • Ke

    none of this stuff WORKS!!!!!!

  • bearville citizen


  • K Zagurova

    is this right???

  • DavidFootball342

    I don’t know if they wotk Ke

  • DavidFootball342

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They work

  • Amy Jl Rubens

    i have read the hunger games book and see the film. the first book is amazing!!! second and third books are not as good but pretty good. the film is great

  • Abby

    guess what it DON’T WORK!

    D D O O
    D D O O
    D D O O

    cant be botghered 3 dio mo3er

  • Coni

    Hey, I’m AbbigailCapricorn16, add me and my brother, MaxBear1460! (My name’s not abby, it’s Coni, but my brother IS called max.

  • Katiesmith54321

    where do you type in a code on bearville

  • Katiesmith54321

    i have heard of it to

  • Grace

    Where do you put the codes

  • Lin_09d

    that does not even work!!!!!!!!

  • Delaney Fox

    natilie 4leafclover just told us that rue dies!!!!!!!! how dare u!!! :( you ruened it for all of us who wanna see it!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      I thought you already saw it or read it!:(:( bleh! sorry :*

  • braydon summer fun

    catch me on bearville;)

  • Sohowareyou

    these web codes are expired. there is no point in trying them

  • Sohowareyou

    how old are these anyway?

  • Iselleh

    there expired!

  • Kotabear


  • Unknown

    There old codes :(

  • SarahScience72

    Candy Cane Couch
    I May Not Work!
    email me @

    • SarahScience72

      IT MAY NOT WORK!!!!!!

  • Emmyrockstar97

    I love bearville

  • amy

    they worked for me

  • Unknown

    Put on stuff that works jk lol it still works thanks

  • Anymous

    IT dooes not work! BOo buildabear!

  • Anymouanymouss

    Yay the pompoms still works

  • Unknown

    No it does not

  • sarahcamper390

    it doesnt work!

  • butterflyu supremme

    this website is for biuld a bear not about the hunger games there rubish anyway

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      Well, little butterfly, We have the right to talk about what we want and if you don’t care to listen then don’t! But I can post as many comments on here as I want and I shouldn’t have to fight for my right of speech.

      • Castillo Alesia

        i like so agree

    • Purplelime84


      • Sophiadiscobear31

        Awkward. . . .walks away.

  • Guest

    I really wish there were some newer codes up :/

  • Moe Abdula

    wow, i can get all this stuff

  • Erin


  • Dog

    there out of date codes

    • M.G.

      They were like years ago, man!!!

  • Allathenurse

    hey whats up i never did it before the cheatz

  • Sydney

    u can do anything on comments

  • Helena

    Here is one code that will give you a yoyo emoition


    • M.G.


      • Yentirb Nomolos

        I have

  • jessi farrae


  • jessi farrae

    Hey Nat!!!! its me graci4leafclover206 from bearville!!!

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      YAY!!!!!!!!! HI!!! I would be in school but I had to come home sick… :(

  • carly

    hi im new here realy cool club by the way!

  • georgia

    really cool

  • maria

    i love you bearville

  • Chloeautumnfun114

    all of it doesn’t work because i tried everything

    • M.G.

      I know cos they were for like a million years ago!!!
      OK, maybe not A MILLION years ago, but like 2???

  • Varenewong

    nothing works :(

    • Angie

      yup :( :( :(

  • Vanny

    my first time here and i like it here so much, i sighn up.lol

  • sarai perez

    my first time here and im loving it here.lol.

  • Farwah

    The codes are too hard to remember. Humph. :p

    • Nabokova03

      write them down is that better

  • L LALA

    THEY ARE ALL EXPIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hey peopels! these don’t work :( thanks fur the thought though :)

    BTW on bearville i am CRISSYPAW23 :)

    • M.G.

      Cool I’m ZoeDiscoBear440!!!
      (Sorry about that!!!)